EVS vacancy in Italy for Polish volunteer


Location: Italy

Period: 12/02/2017 – 12/08/2017

Deadline: 3 February 2017

CALL JUST FOR POLISH VOLUNTEERS. The context: Soverato is a school-polo of the province and recollect children, students and teachers from many small towns here around. Schools in this area are big but not high quality and nobody here is expert in Europe. Nobody knows about anything and no teacher teach any thing about Europe, maybe just Geography and History. For sure, not citizenship in terms of European Citizenship, and in a formal way. Life of teachers in very precarious.

Following a specific weekly program of 5 days the 2 volunteers will develop creative practical workshops for children, students and young people which aim to TEACH EUROPE in a different way using Non Formal Education methods and creating at the same time a T-KIT for educators on “European Citizenship Education” (ECE).
During the week volunteers will spend their time working both, indoor and outdoor, in JUMP office, with teachers in planning meetings, inside classrooms with children and students, in Soverato social spaces and along the 6 months period, they will live the ongoing organizational process of the “Euro.Soul Festival” 2017 Edition in May, born to celebrate “Europe’s birthday.
Furthermore, from February volunteers will attend different kind of trainings:
– the OAT On Arrival Training provided by the Italian National Agency
– the training on “Coaching and mentoring” (13-18/02/2017)
– the Outdoor Education Week in June 2017.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

JUMP Start up Youth was born in 2012 from the will of a team of young people and adults with the precise mission to bring the european dimension and the internationalization in local contexts supporting human and economical development, Lifelong Learning, social innovation, social inclusion and change. JUMP is now a team of experts in European Project Design & Management, International training and Non Formal Education which work every day deepen rooted in Calabria region but the mind and the spirit projected towards a widen world without limits and borders.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

Planning and organizing training sessions for children, students and youth on European Citizenship Education (teach Europe at school);
Contribute in the organization of JUMP ongoing trainings like the one on “Coaching and mentoring” and the one on “European Project Design and Management”. In June a group of teachers from Finland will come for a week working with local teachers on “Outdoor Education methods”. In May there will be the “Euro.Soul Festival”. June and July it will be focused on promoting and transfering what we could call “European topics” to youths and citizens at local level.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy


Other information:

We have this urgent vacancy because we had a volunteer already from Poland but she can’t come due to a new job and we are happy for her but we need now to search a substitute as soon as possible.