EVS vacancy in Estonia – Johvi

Estonia EVS vacancy Find EVS 3Ida – Virumaa County’s Chamber for disabled people

Location: Jõhvi, Estonia

Period: 01/11/2017 – 31/10/2018

Deadline: 27 February 2017

Ida Virumaa Chamber of disabled people is looking for a motivated volunteer who wants to gain experience working with disabled people and be part of the organisation’s team.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Ida Virumaa Chamber of disabled people was founded in 1994.
From February 2005, the Chamber provides welfare services for people with psychical disabilities. Today, 23 clients are provided with daily life support and 7 clients are getting supported living service.
We have modern and adapted rooms on 224 m2 at Kaare 7, Jõhvi. There is a room for the day centre, a kitchen for learning how to cook and various classrooms (for music therapy and etc.)
There are 5 apartments on the 5th floor at Kaare 3, Jõhvi that are for supported living service.
The apartments are comfortable and two of the clients get their services
at their own home.
There are 4 people in the Chamber daily- two action tutors, a medical worker and a social worker, who all work with the clients face- to- face.
The objective of Ida-Virumaa chamber of disabled people is to support
psychologically disabled people in their everyday life, to motivate them for independent living and give a chance to spend their spare time actively.
At the moment there are 13 active clients aged 16 to 45. Some of the clients are Russian speaking.
Once a year the chamber organises 3 -days summer camp by the lake. Also many excursions/ visits all over Estonia to the sights, museums, other day centres, etc. are organised.
There are three staff members working everyday with the clients- one coordinator and two activity tutors. There are also music and art teachers working some days a week.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

Chamber of disabled people can share their skills and experiences with young volunteers, at the same time getting new ideas from them and learning new skills. It is also good opportunity for the clients to practice communication with people from other countries.
The aims and activities for the volunteer in the chamber of disabled people are seen as follows:
Teaching social skills to the clients (shopping, cooking, cleaning, hygiene etc) 30%;
Assisting in manual work, art and music lessons 30%;
Organising outings, visits to the places of interest, other similar projects, etc. 20%
Helping stuff and clients with daily tasks as required 10%;
Occasionally on weekends he/she will assisting the next door clients with
their daily needs, as the volunteer will stay in the social apartment, next to some clients 10%.
The volunteer will have chance to propose his/her ideas and use creativity in work with clients.
On Fridays the volunteer will prepare the next week activities.
The staff of the chamber is very flexible and open to new ideas and possibilities, so the division of tasks may be changed and adapted for the interests and skills of concrete volunteer.
The working week will have 4 days, about 7 hours each day. Friday is a day to plan next week activities and help the clients at their living place.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

In order to apply for our open EVS placements in Estonia, please fill in the EstYES application form that you can download from here: http://www.estyes.ee/en/opportunities-2/european-voluntary-service-evs/open-placements/ and send it to evs@estyes.ee for selection process until 27th of February 2017.