EVS vacancy in Estonia – Tartu

ngo-vahtramagiNGO Vahtamägi

Location: Tartu, Estonia

Period: 11/11/2017 – 12/11/2018

Deadline 27 February 2017

NGO Vahtamägi is looking for a motivated volunteer who wants to gain experience working with kids and especially learning a suitable methods for children with disability.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Our organization is an orphanage in Tartu, Estonia. Currently we have 23 children and young people in total, ages from 7-21. We have a family system where each “family” has about 7 children. At the second floor there is a “family” from youngest children, then we have the “family” where children are mostly 12-16 years old and the “youth family” is located on the first floor and most of them are 17 years old. Children are taken from their real families mostly because of their parents’ drinking problems or drug addictions due to the fact that they are unable to care for their offspring.
Kids are under constant supervision – there is always at least one orphanage care worker in every family. Every “family” has their own certain orphanage care workers, whose schedule is rotating with others. This way kids feel more safely and are more stable to cultivate trust with adults.
Also, every kid has their own support care worker or mentor, who takes care of child’s medical needs, goes to school when needed, buys clothes etc.
Staff helps children in regular everyday tasks and needs – studies, medical care, food, clothes, hygiene etc. Some children have mental but not physical disability and they go to special schools, but most of the children are healthy, stable, bright and active, as it should be. One 16 years old boy goes to a soccer training three times a two kids go to BMX training, one takes dancing lessons, one 17 year old boy takes guitar lessons and one just started karate
Kids with more difficult background are influenced by and have more issues with controlling their emotions. But with proper care, love and attention they are sweet and wonderful kids

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

Since educators have many responsibilities, then mostly we would like the volunteer to spend time with our children. They like to spend too much time with TV, phones and computers. Of course, as normal children, they need to spend time in physical activities which they also enjoy.
We would like the volunteer to play ball games with kids, to help the educators to take the kids for a swim and to help the staff to take kids outside the house to different events. Indoors it would be great if the volunteer can take time to play games with kids and help them with school lessons (English). On some weekends we would like the volunteer to organize dancing events. Once every week a volunteer should organize artistic or creative lessons for kids. At
Christmas time we take part from fairs and kids will sell their self-made Christmas cards, jewelry and other goods. Sometimes we may need help with clean and running errands. At weekends we make food ourselves and it would be nice if the volunteer could cook and teach the children his or her own native food. We need a friend for our kids, somebody who kids can rely on and
who is free to play and help out.
Definitely, volunteer would learn here to be very tolerant and see, that even when children have their issues, everybody needs love and attention for healing from past traumas. Every human being, even mentally disabled children can have very bright moments. Those moments multiply when someone is not judging and putting them down.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

In order to apply for our open EVS placements in Estonia, please fill in the EstYES application form that you can download from here: http://www.estyes.ee/en/opportunities-2/european-voluntary-service-evs/open-placements/ and send it to evs@estyes.ee for selection process until 27th of February 2017.