EVS vacancy in Poland for Turkish, Croatian and Ukrainian volunteers

Creative youth in our environmentEVS Vacancy starting soon Find EVS2

Location: Wrocław/ Poland

Period: 01/04/2017 – 30/01/2018

Deadline: 3 March 2017

If you like ecology, environment and chalanges, join our team in Wrocław, Poland. We are looking for 9 volunteers (from Turkey, Croatia and Ukraine) to enreach the offer of our center of environmental education (open classes, meetings, workshops, events) as well as assistance in current programs (environmental education, environmental campaigns, cooperation with local partners, etc).

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

The mission of Foundation for Sustainable Development (Fundacja EkoRozwoju – FER), one of the biggest in Poland non- government organization (NGO), is to support development in harmony with nature. We have been successfully trying to achieve this goal since 1991. Initially, our activities focused mainly on protection of water and river valleys. Over the years the range of our activities widened considerably including urban environment.
Today, we do not only protect nature (e.g. roadside avenues and endangered species) but we also support social initiatives using natural values in a sustainable manner, promote innovation in the field of environmental protection and conduct educational activities directed to the officials, teachers, youth , adults and seniors. We carry out projects of local, regional, national and international levels.
In autumn 2013 Foundation for Sustainable Development opened in Wroclaw Nadodrze, “EkoCentrum” – unique in the country’s scale a center of environmental education. With the inauguration of EkoCentrum our educational activities expanded to a permanent offer of classes, and also took on a more holistic nature including global and anti-discrimination education. Today, in a permanent educational offer, we organize both indoor and outdoor activities. The classes are focused on the sustainable use of natural resources, with particular emphasis on measures to reduce waste, reduction of energy consumption, promoting sustainable transport, responsible consumption, water conservation and climate change.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

Within a program Erasmus+ we are looking for 9 EVS volunteers (from Ukraine, Croatia and Turkey) who will join our team for 10 months. Volunteers would be involved into creation and implementation of the EkoCentrum offer (open classes, meetings, workshops provided by FER and its partners) as well as assistance in current FER programs (environmental education, environmental campaigns, cooperation with local partners, etc). Volunteers would be also assisting in everyday work in the office.
We are looking forward also for all ideas and initiatives undertaken by the volunteers as long as they will meet our priorities and will help to create an interesting offer for the EkoCentrum.

Basically we would like to set 3 teams to support our work.

1. Media team
This team will be focus on media (photo/film) coverage of FER’s activities – events, workshops, trainings etc. As we are working within the city we would like to product with you short movies or photo stories focused on environmental problems of the city. All kind of projects initiated by volunteers involving local partners: inhabitants, youths and focusing on local, environmental issues will be warmly welcome!
The team will be created by people familiar with filming, taking pictures, editing, processing and so on. Team will be supported by professional photographers and editors.

2) Education team
Main role is to support and cooperate with educators within regular classes we are running in EkoCentrum. We are also open for own initiatives of Volounteers to prepare and provide the workshops and additional trainings regarding to the volunteer profile and needs of children and adults from the neighborhood (dance, music, juggling classes, handcraft, etc).
This team will be supported by professional animators and educators working in EC.

3) Environmental events team
The team will be responsible for coordinating the outdoor activities organized as well in our district (Nadodrze) as in our region (Lower Silesia/ Dolny Sląsk) – several events during summer and autumn season. We expect that you will take initiative and help us to organize an event for local inhabitants in a frame of regular events in our district (in summer and in December) or you will support us in our activities within civil society projects (Green area in the city, urban gardening, sustainable transport, etc)

You can change team during your stay or you can stick to one of the area, but what’s important you should feel at ease within at least one of the main topics: education/ media/ environment.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

To work with us you have to fill out the application form and send it to us, together with your CV. There is no need to post or fax a copy. Successful candidates will be required to provide a hard copy signed with their signature. Application form to be find at http://www.ekocentrum.org.

If you feel that you may match to our team and share the same values don’t hesitate and contact our Partner regarding your nationality:

Ukraine: Green Cross Society, http://www.gcs.org.ua tel. +380 32 2445607 contact person: Voloshynskyy Oleksandr ov@gcs.org.ua

Croatia: Udruga Žmergo, contact person: +385 51 271 459 Ana Golja erasmus@zmergo.hr

Turkey: AKDENIZ UNIVERSITY, http://www.akdeniz.edu.tr , tel: 00902423102125 contact person: Serap Bilal evs@akdeniz.edu.tr