EVS vacancy in Italy

Italy EVS vacancy Find EVS 2YOUTHink Together

Location: Sant’Antonio Abate (Naples), Italy

Period: 01/04/2017 – 10/02/2018

Deadline: 1 March 2017

Would you like to join us for an EVS project in Italy? Would you like volunteering in a youth center in a non-profit association? Are you between 18 and 30 years old? Futuro Digitale has opened two EVS vacancies, for young people coming from Sweden and Spain! The project will last 10 months and will deal with the requalification of an industrial building turned into a youth center, with activities about youth work, creativity, events/project planning, sport in a community of hundreds active youngsters.
Look at our project “YOUTHink Together”: http://www.futurodigitale.org/en/evs-project-youthink-together/
To apply or to have more information, contact or send CV at evs@futurodigitale.org

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Futuro Digitale Association was born in 2013 and since then it has worked, mainly in small towns and contexts, to promote youth empowerment through concrete possibilities of development connected to e-learning, traineeship and personalised patterns of working periods. Futuro Digitale is based in three Italian regions (Calabria, Campania and Lazio) and it has 22 people in its team. The office in Campania is the one accredited for EVS hosting projects (accreditation Nr. 2016-1-IT03-KA110-008507).
It has three main objectives:
– empower youth, also for self-employment;
– educate to European citizenship and solidarity;
– reduce the digital divide and educate to digital awareness.
Futuro Digitale hosts volunteers and trainees within the Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs programme and Erasmus traineeship (more than 50 have been hosted so far) and he has received the accreditation as sending and coordinating organisation for the EVS (European Voluntary Service). We have worked so far with 8 volunteers and from next months with other 12.
Furthermore, Futuro Digitale supports youth in obtaining micro-credit loans through specific tutoring aimed at supporting all the bureaucratic passages. The tutoring is based on on-going support and relation with the micro-credit applicant.
Futuro Digitale is an accredited centre for teaching Italian language as well as to provide students with official ICT educational certificates (EiPass EU certificate).
FD prepares local young people to acquire transversal skills and has an extensive network of schools that cooperate with it present in different regions. In such schools, FD delivers workshops, conferences and works with students to boost basic competences in project management and planning.
Know more about the Hosting organisation: http://www.futurodigitale.org

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

The added value of our project is the presence of a lot of local volunteers, youth workers and other people that will cooperate with the EVS volunteers, allowing them to feel and be part of the local community. Futuro Digitale will provide a specific staff for the volunteers: a trainer, a mentor and an Italian teacher. At the same time, there will be a lot of people and volunteers which, basing on the type of activity to be carried out, will support and cooperate with the EVS volunteers.

General tasks of the volunteer
The volunteers will be actively involved in different and various tasks. First of all, they will be part of the ordinary activities of Futuro Digitale, such as the participation and organisation of EU and intercultural events, but also on specific projects created for “YOUTHink Together”. One of the aim will be their inclusion in the local community, for a bilateral contribution to the social and human growth of the people involved.
The overall calendar will reflect a number of activities referred to the association Futuro Digitale:
– Practical work in revamping the ex-industrial structure (some areas are being converted in sports pitches, in theatre places etc.). Volunteers will be working together with the local youth to support them in the local planning & restoration and in the requalification of the building;
– Volunteers will be in charge of creating educational activities on transversal skills (the eight foreseen by EU) both for children and for youth, in order to prepare them on Erasmus plus programme, as well as supporting them in their social empowerment referred to employability and entrepreneurship.
– Volunteers will have to steer educational activities together with local youth workers such as workshops, info days, school meetings, theatre activities etc. A lot of events will take place during the 10 months of the project: Move Week, Europe Day, OroRosso (a festival about traditional foods), Volunteering Day, Multiliguism Forum, etc. Futuro Digitale carries out these events every year, but the contribution of the EVS volunteers can be a real added value to innovate them.
– Volunteers will organise linguistic activities through language cafes in order to support local youth to acquire better language skills both in English and in the volunteers’ native language.
– Volunteers will have to back also Futuro Digitale’s activities, such as networking (offline and online), conference organisation, project writing and revamping of digital documents.
– Volunteers will participate to the local democratic meetings which are regularly held by the local associations. Futuro Digitale is part of the NGO local forum. Volunteers will learn and understand how to cooperate with other associations and how to act in a democratic society.
– Volunteers will be learning Italian through regular sessions organised by Futuro Digitale.
– Volunteers will be formed also in storytelling as they will be working to tell the stories of their EVS as well as to engage other youth to be volunteers through Erasmus plus. They will be formed by Futuro Digitale in how to tell stories and how to use digital tools to better express themselves.
The dissemination activities will be focused on a strategy of digital storytelling and organisation of offline events for the community. An important part of the project will be referred to the preparation and follow-up. The official page used will be “YOUTHink“ (https://www.facebook.com/YOUTHinkRural/), already used for previous EVS project coordinated by Futuro Digitale.
A very important a huge space will be offer to the implementation of a personal project created by the volunteer him/herself. For Infopack click here: http://www.futurodigitale.org/en/evs-project-youthink-together/

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

Send CV and Motivational letter to evs@futurodigitale.org or antonior.22@gmail.com

All the information are on the offical webpage of the Association Futuro Digitale. Look at this link: http://www.futurodigitale.org/en/evs-project-youthink-together/