EVS vacancy in Estonia

CulTurbulence Estonia EVS vacancy Find EVS 2

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Period: 04/09/2017 – 03/08/2018

Deadline: 9 March 2017

Tallinn Sports and Youth Department is an EVS coordinating organization. In 2017/18 we will be coordinating 5 EVS services in Tallinn youth centers for 11 months from September till August.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Kesklinna Youth Center

Kesklinna youth center is a modern youth center with big seminar rooms and office spaces for youth organizations. Kesklinna youth center is not a typical youth center, it is meant for active youngsters aged 14-26, who wish to organize events, take part in clubs offered by the youth center (voluntary club, international club, youth TV, design club, film club etc.). Kesklinna youth center is offering youngsters opportunities for non-formal education and participation in society.

More info: http://europa.eu/youth/volunteering/organisation/933117109_en

Kristiine Youth Center

Kristiine youth centre is open to all from 7-26 years of age in order to provide a wide range of opportunities for recreation and for developing activities. In Kristiine youth centre guests have an opportunity to communicate, play different popular games, acquire useful information, to do their homeworks and get help and advice from youth workers. In addition youth centre organizes different kinds of activities, events, workshops and clubs. In the planning and implementation of its activities youth centre supports youth initiative and follows the principles of non-formal learning. Some of the non-formal activities are held together with schools. Youngsters can improve their initiative skills by developing their own ideas into actual events. If they wish, they can also use youth workers advice and help. Kristiine youth centre also provides opportunity to rent rooms.

More info: http://europa.eu/youth/volunteering/organisation/933117109_en

Mustamäe Youth Center

The main direction of activities are: organizing and developing youth work in Mustamäe district; in interests of children and youth for taking active part in social life and processes around them. For young people to spend time with friends, gaining new social and entrepreneur skills, developing international relationships through non-formal learning and projects for and with young people; co-operation with specialists who work with children and youngsters – teachers, social workers, police. Work with different youth organizations based in Mustamäe district.

More info: http://europa.eu/youth/volunteering/organisation/944953049_en

Haabersti Youth Center

Haabersti Youth Centre takes interest in children and youth for taking active part in social life and processes around, for spending time with friends, getting new skills, developing international relationships through non-formal learning and projects for and with young people. The youth center is interested in the prevention of violence, alcoholism and drug addition among youngsters of district Haabersti.

More info: http://europa.eu/youth/volunteering/organisation/940271053_en

Pääsküla Youth Center

Pääsküla Youth Center is open to all kinds of youngsters aged between 7-26 years providing different opportunities. Pääsküla youth center is focused on extreme sports like BMX, scooter, skateboarding and roller skating. In addition to that Pääsküla has a DJ club with full equipment to study and play electronic music, weekly arts and handcrafts workshops.


Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

Kesklinna Youth Center, preferred profile of the volunteer:
Volunteer should have sense of self initiative and be self-confident to communicate with different youngsters, plan and lead different activities. For example language courses for youngsters, able to introduce her/his culture and promote voluntary work. Important is to be motivated, adaptive and a good team-worker. Youth Centre is mainly targeted to older youngsters which means that it is possible to plan and implement bigger co-operation projects and activities. Good English is required.

Kristiin Youth Center, Preferred profile of the volunteer:
Open for volunteers with different experiences and skills! Volunteer should be open-minded, helpful, patient and tolerant person, with a very good communication skills. Volunteer’s mission will be helping youth workers in their everyday work, communicating and networking with youngsters, initiate and organize different events and clubs. It would be added value if the volunteer has a hobby or interest in one of following: multi-media, movies, IT, graphical design, cooking, handy crafts or plays some musical instrument etc. Volunteer should be able to lead language courses and help to organize and run the international movie club activities. Volunteers are welcomed to add their own ideas. For example previously have volunteers held cultural events, camps, language courses, movie nights etc. Good English is required.

Mustamäe Youth Center, preferred profile of the volunteer: Volunteer should be open minded, good at communicating and working with children and youngsters. We expect volunteer to organize activities, to be dynamic, adaptive and open to new ideas. Good English is required. Knowledge of Russian language will give plus points.

Haabersti Youth Center, preferred profile of the volunteer:
Volunteer should be motivated, cheerful, patient, active communicator, good organizer, correct in her/his work, accurate, creative and flexible. It would be good if volunteer has hobbies which would give a chance to lead regular activities in the youth center (art, music, acting etc). It is also possible to collaborate with schools to run workshops and other activities related to volunteer´s skills. In addition volunteer will be involved in organizing bigger events for youngsters. Good English is required. Russian will give plus points.

Pääsküla Youth Center, preferred profile of the volunteer:
Volunteer should be active, interested in organizing different activities, open-minded and friendly. We are open for volunteers with very different experiences and skills. Good English is required.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

Interested volunteers, please:

•send us your EVS Form (You will find it from the web page!)

•deadline: 09.03.2017

•contact: Liis.Tamman@tallinnlv.ee

CALL FOR “CulTurbulence”: http://www.tallinn.ee/est/noorteinfo/CALL-FOR-CulTurbulence-EVS-opportunities-in-Tallinn

NB! Only EVS Forms which follow the application criterias will be accepted. Please read the application process thoroughly