EVS vacancy Spain for Hungarian volunteer

Spain EVS vacancy at find EVSEVS in Granada for Hungarian participants

Location:Granada, Spain

Period: 15/03/2017 – 15/10/2017

Deadline: 13 March 2017

Would you like to work and travel abroad for 7 months in Granda? We need 1 volunteer from Hungary to come and do a long-term (7 months) EVS project in Granada, Spain.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Asociación Las Niñas del Tul (“Girls of the Tulle”) is a cultural association from the city of Granada, which aims at developing, promoting and carrying out cultural activities, promoting values of tolerance and equality, respecting the environment and protecting the historical-artistic heritage, as well as supporting and helping young people and groups to start projects and activities, providing for them training and information and facilitating contact between them.
We are an organization with extensive experience in international and youth work. We use the methodology of non-formal education in our work, encouraging the active and effective participation of young people, especially those with fewer opportunities.
Weinform about European programs to all young people. We also organize seminars and training about teamwork, inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, guides and resources to improve the work of the associations within the European youth programs, etc.
We work with different administrations, schools, NGOs and informal groups of young people promoting dialogue and cooperative work.
Las Niñas del tul have different profile in our workers and volunteers. They are specialized in different areas: theater, training, volunteering, information distribution, youth work, preparing and coordination the projects for other organizations, etc.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

Volunteers will assist in the daily work of our association,always in coordination with our volunteers and workers.The activitieswill include:
– European Voluntary Service /Erasmus + Advisory:This is an information service,when the volunteers explain what is the EVS and the process ofhow to find the project that fits best to the volunteer.Also they can inform about the rights and duties of volunteers and give to thelocal young people a more specific idea about EVS by telling their personal experience. Also they will provide information about other activities with Erasmus+.

– News Workshop:consists in finding news related to our partnership with the EVS and other news that he/she seems relevant andinteresting for Europe in general and in a particular country.With all the news and other useful information they create an Europeannews bulletin, what the local youth can read,what probably makes them to feel a little bit closer to Europe. Also volunteers will attend different cultural-social activities and events in the city to write about them in a blog. They will make pictures and videos, reports, etc.

– Communication:A fundamental part of the operation of the organization,the volunteer will assist in communication tasks(updatingwebsite and social networks,answering emails, generate new contacts,etc.)

– Cultural workshops:volunteers do a research and dissemination of different countries preparing a presentation to convey thelocal young people to travel there and learn more about different cultures.Sometimes they will focus more on the culturalcharacteristics that can be found if we decide to travel abroad.They pretend to be activities that help young people to cope with agreater preparation the cultural shock:legislation,habits,models of behaviour…

– Other projects:volunteers are involved in the organization of seminars,training course,youth exchanges, etc. what our NGO is organizing(orcollaborating) under the framework of Erasmus + program. Help with logistics, design posters, make videos and photos (and edit them), etc.

– Personal projects:volunteer will have the option to develop those personal projects that he/she wants,whenever these are withinour means and framed within the objectives of the organization.

– Office: all tasks related to the maintenance of the office, such as file and materials organization, document preparation, cleaning, etc.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

If you are interested, please send a CV and a cover letter written in English to evs@compassegyesulet.hu. Short listed candidates will have a Skype interview with one of our International EVS coordinators.