EVS vacancy in France

France EVS active vacancy Find EVSLocation: Les Mureaux France

Period: 01/10/2017 – 30/06/2018

Deadline: 15 March 2017

You are interested in ERASMUS+ projects and you know basic French (it is not obligatory but it will help you to adapt quicker).
You like working with adolescents this will help you as well.
Finally, you should like chocolate and coffee but if you do not do so yet, France will teach you to 😉
You’ve got a cool sense of humour and you can bear the fact that it’s not easy to become a Parisian in 9 months ;))

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

The BIJ (Bureau Information Jeunesse) is part of the national Youth information network (Information Jeunesse). In all, this network welcomes and informs more than 5 million young people each year in France. In les Mureaux, the BIJ is attached to the municipal youth service, which performs activities with young between (about)16 and 25 living in the city.

The city of les Mureaux, is about 40 km next to Paris. The BIJ of les Mureaux was created in 1999 by the mayor. A safe anonymous place, open to all young people without (about 16 to 25) personal appointment is proposed. Professionals trained specifically for youth information provide free access to information or a personal interview. The BIJ offers complete, impartial, practical and updated information about education, business, employment, training, health and practical life, sport, initiatives, European and international mobility.
The participation of the volunteer helps to boost projects related to youth information, the promotion of cultural diversity and the development of a European consciousness.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

The volunteer’s main tasks at the BIJ will be:
• To inform young people about mobility in Europe and other topics according to their interests
• To talk English with Mureaux‘s population (“le café des parents”), this is a part of a program for the linguistic sector in this city
• To promote Erasmus+ and his experience of volunteering through actions / activities with schools and local associations where the volunteer will be invited to report his experience as a volunteer
• To create a platform for the young people (16/26) who want information concerning volunteering in Europe
• To get involves in the activities of our structure

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

Deadline for applications (Your CV and Cover letter): 15.3.2017
Contact email: sbiensomateta@mairie-lesmureaux.fr

See you soon!!!


The BIJ in les Mureaux is not the coordinating organisation of the project but only the receiving organisation. The coordination is done by the Centre Information et Documentation de la Jeunesse (CIDJ) in Paris. Since they coordinate other volunteers in the Region of Paris as well, it is easily possible to cooperate with these volunteers. It is also very likely that the volunteer will be assigned to take part in youth information activities at the CIDJ in Paris.


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