Approved project! EVS vacancy in Italy

Approved EVS project starting soon 2New Climate for Peace

Location: Eboli (South Italy)

Period: 20/03/2017 – 20/03/2018

Deadline: 20 March 2017

According to the strategy Europe2020, the project “New Climate for Peace”will focus on searching and implementing sustainable practices in order to prevent and lower the impact of the earth “fever” (global warming). In this regard, it’s worth noting that the location where the project is expected to take place is the Piana del Sele, a territory where environment, nature and agriculture play a role of paramount importance in the growth and wealth of local communities. The project will also address another important issue related to climate changed, that is “environmental refugees” or “eco-migrants”, mostly young evers of EVS volunteers, forced to leave their countries as a result of environmental disasters (connected climate change and rising temperatures).

Climate changes and migration: the link is stronger than we think. At the base of migratory flows, in fact, there are not only wars, but also environmental disasters, events that force millions of people to leave their homes and their places of origin.
Legambiente Italia will develop its partnership with three sending organizations (from Turkey, Greece and Spain) well known for operating in territories where the environment is a key sector of development and growth.
The project is basically aimed to develop in its young volunteers a comprehensive and conscious overview of environmental issues, particularly underlining the elements that could put in danger the life of local communities and, on a higher scale, cause further damages to the whole global ecosystem.
Therefore, even though the activities will be principally linked to agriculture and environment in all its forms, another goal of our project is promoting in young Europeans a better understanding of sustainable development issue, simultaneously straightening their sense of belonging to Europe and its core values. At the same we will try to include migrants in the area through integration activities because only knowledge of other cultures and countries can prevent prejudice and racism. The young EVS will work alongside the boys awaiting international protection, they will build campaigns and fielding initiatives to raise awareness about the same subject, but above all they will show that it’s possibile thinking and implementing an Europe of people and hospitality.
For these reasons, our three volunteers will be expected to show a genuine interest in environmental issue as well as the willingness to be an active part of EVS experience.but also a great mindedness to new cultures and lifestyles that allow for full inclusion of migrants in the European social context.
All our activities will operate through non – formal education and learning by doing method, in order to acquire and improve a wide range of soft skills.
Two results are expected: a positive impact on the host community not only with the contribution of improvements to the environmental status, but also with the social integration of migrants and a feedback for our volunteers, which would allow them to profitably put in practice what they learned.
While becoming an increasingly important tool to promote entrepreneurship spirit in younger generations, our project could demonstrate that such voluntary programs could effectively promote and enhance social entrepreneurship and multicultural relationship as well as create job opportunities based not only on the “culture of contracts” but also on the concept of “reciprocity”.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Legambiente was born in 1980. Legambiente is the heir of the first ecological groups and of the antinuclear movement that was active in Italy during the second half of the 70’s; It has always had attention for the environmental education and for the formation of the young generations. Thanks to these activities Legambiente is now the most important environmental Association in Italy with more than 115.000 members, 1000 local groups, 30.000 school-classes that take part to the project of environmental education, more than 3000 young people that every year participate to our national and international environmental workcamp. There are 60 natural areas directly run by Legambiente.
Legambiente local group in Eboli was born in 1997 thanks to the fusion with another local group, its name is “Silaris”. The Legambiente Silaris statute says that: “…Legambiente is a volunteer Association. Its members attend to the activities in an individual way, spontaneous and free, only for solidarity. It acts for a society based on an equilibrate relation between humans and nature, for the respect of the biodiversity; and for a sustainable development for the defence of the environment and of the cultural heritage.”
Legambiente Silaris Eboli is registered in the Regional Registers of the Volunteers Association see the Regional bill of 13.03.2004 number 168. It is member of Sodalis Service Centre for volunteering in Salerno District. It is registered in the local Register of the Association in Eboli
The local groups counts 60 members that dedicate their free time to the Association. The age of our members goes from 16 to 75. They share several different moments of socialization.
The Association house in Eboli is located in the old part of the city. It is a nice building recently constructed.
The members of Legambiente Eboli are able to support the EVS volunteers during the different steps of the project; we have a team composed by a responsible who will give to the volunteers the tasks and that will coordinate the project. The tutor, instead, will be responsible for the integration of the EVS volunteer, in the social and cultural life of our community.
Here a list of our main activities:
– Preservation of the local dune restricted area “Legambiente Silaris” along the coast of our city. This part of the coast belongs to the “Natural Reserve Foce-Sele” moreover it is a special area recognized by the E.U. as Sic IT 805001.
– Environmental Education in the schools in Eboli.
– Sensibility campaign for students and people about: energy; our pollution, garbage production; studies about the vegetation; coastal erosion.
– Partnership with public Institutions for serious environmental problems.
– Partnership with other Associations and with the Csv Sodalis Salerno about peace, racism, socialand cultural growth.
– Project “Orti di Città” for old people.
– Summer work-camp during summertime.
– Voluntary Civil Service
– Dog-sitter project to help dogs without any owner, in cooperation with the league for the protection of dogs. Our Association would like to continue and improve the promotion and valorization of the voluntary activities as a form of social and political participation, because we think that “another world is possible” and that is necessary to build up a society more equitable and sustainable.
The idea that through the EVS is possible to interact with the new generation, to develop pacific relationship, to take part to the social life and to be an active member of the society has always been a very important part for our Association.
The approach during the realization of the EVS project has always had the goal to exceed the differences, in every field involving youth both in a local context that at European level. Our Association has always been interested not only in the conservation of the environment, but also at others themes such as equal opportunities, the integration, the construction of concrete actions against xenophobia, cooperating with local groups and through the diffusion of the European program, whose main goal is to substation youth in the construction of a society really multicultural.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

Attending to the pre-departure training provided
Informing the sending organisation about special needs, which may affect the success of the project
Viewing the Info Kit, Youth program and the EVS card
Examining the project, the reports about the hosting organisation and the host community
Trying to learn news about Italian language and culture , trying to integrate in the respect of local culture
Being available to collaborate with the members of the hosting organisation ,EVS and local volunteers, with the mentor, with the person in charge of the hosting organisation , in order to implement a successful project
Taking part in the preparations for the pre-departure( information on both sides of any unexpected changes, such as the date of arrival, etc…)
Being available to live with other volunteers and staying in a sharing house and room
Keeping in touch with the sending organisation
The volunteers are obliged to perform regular house cleaning work. In the end of project, a volunteers are required to clean a Legambiente’s house.
It receives the Insurance Assistance Card for the issuing of the residence permit
He doesn‟t take part in any action and/or bad relationship , which may undermine the reputation of the hosting organisation
He performs his tasks to the best of his skills, being punctual, diligent and motivated throughout his period of EVS
He attends to regular meetings with the mentor
It provides the detailed cost relating to the project
He takes part in all training courses organised by the Sending-Coordinating organisation and in those organised by the Italian National Agency
He attends to the weekly Briefing and the calendar of the activities
He has to respect the calendar activities
He commits to be the promoter of the activities provided in the project
He makes clean the apartment assigned , tidying up his own things, the common and shared spaces, in observance and in the respect according to the rules of the apartment of Legambiente Circolo Silaris, which he examines when he arrives.
He respects the rules and the duties assigned during his turn of corvé
He has to respect the rule, which affirms that it is not allowed to play host to a friends , relatives and someone of any kind of relationship without the approval of the executive of the Hosting organisation
He receives informations and support to carry out the activities of the project ( organisation, roles and tasks)
He receives room and board , the
money for his personal expenses, during the EVS
He benefits of local transport (relating to the activities of EVS)
He takes part in the Italian language course
He works about 35 hours per week ( 5 days per week), schedule that includes all activitiesrelated to the project , such as language courses and meetings with tutors, training provided by the Hosting Organisation and weekly briefing
He takes part in the cultural life of the Hosting community
He attends and organises workshop and training days for local youth about EVS
He earns two days per week ( not always on weekend), and he receives two additional days per month , to be used after the consultation with the hosting organisation
He reports to the executives of the hosting organisation and to the mentor potential crisis and/or problems that may occur during the project
He enhances the promotion and the success of the project
He receives help and assistance for the final evaluation (Report)

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

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