EVS vacancy in Italy for volunteers from Germany, Spain and Hungary

Italy EVS vacancy Find EVS 2Shine!

Location: Napoli, Italy

Period: 01/05/2017 – 31/10/2017

Deadline: 25 March 2017

Six volunteers, coming from Germany, Spain and Hungary, are going to commit themselves to a SHINING experience: an EVS project that will take place in Naples (Italy) from May, 2017 – to October, 2017.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

1) IMMIGRANTS: the volunteers will support the activities of our organization aimed to help the immigrant members in the local community, from material and logistics organization for Italian language courses and exams (our organization is an accredited Italian exam centre by the University of Perugia for foreigners), to finding educational and job opportunities for them. Moreover they will organize (conception, preparation and implementation) workshops with immigrant children to encourage their integration in the society;
2) ANTI-VIOLENCE: the volunteers will support the organization of initiatives and workshops aimed to raise the awareness and to prevent violence to be addressed to teenaged groups mainly into local schools, together with the organization of a digital awareness campaign on the topic to be launched on social networks;as anti-violence center, Modavi aims to prevent and fight against the phenomenon of gender violence through concrete victims assistance as well as through the deconstruction of sexist stereotypes that can flow into violence situations;
3) SCHOOL DROPOUT: the volunteer will support the preparation of materials and the conception of interactive activities to carry out with the students in the frame of Modavi work in the fight against the school dropouts in local schools, through non-formal education activities in local schools we aim to increase the participation and the motivation of the students while fostering self-reflection moments on their personal and professional development. The EVS volunteers will play a very important role since they embody diversity, opportunity and internationalism, this is why we believe that the six volunteers in European Voluntary Service, being testimony of one of the multiplicity of opportunities given by the European Union, can easily promote a sense of belonging to Europe, active participation and social inclusion among young students and this will let us all together rescue potentially at risk youngsters;
4) EUROPE: the volunteers will support the organization and the implementation of international exchanges and training opportunities for youth at local level. Moreover they will support the management of the Youth Info Point to spread opportunities offered by the European Union through the several programmes for youth (education, job, culture), the update of the bulletin board, as in this way the volunteers can also show us how their organizations work and how they deal with it.
5) COMMUNICATION: support to the management of the social media channels of the organization and updating our communication tools promoting all the programme activities. Therefore they will manage a special link dedicated to their EVS experience, sharing pictures, feedbacks and thoughts.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

To apply: send CV and motivation letter to evs.shine@gmail.com