EVS vacancy in Romania for Spanish volunteers

EVS in RomaniaSighisoara Multilingva

Location: Sighisoara, Romania

Period: 01/04/2017 – 15/11/2017

Deadline: 26 March 2017

2 VACANCIES! The volunteers will organize foreign language interactive courses for young people in Sighisoara (in their own native languages or in English)

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Wild Carpathia is an NGO created in 2013 by a group of young people who wished to do everything necessary for changing the world and bringing hope in the people’s life.
We are specialized in working with people on all ages in many fields connected with the human well-being. Therefore we decided to apply on Erasmus + Program and give the opportunity for the foreign young people to join us also. As large is the team so are the results more meaningful.
This will be our 10th EVS project so we wish to improve our work and to make it as good as possible! Even if the association is quite new our team is really good prepared so we hope to gain like this a great reputation so in the future to organize many more projects. We still don’t have a web-site but with are working now to create it.
We have a Facebook profile – Wild Carpathia – https://www.facebook.com/wildcarpathia – and the project page created by actual EVS volunteers – https://www.facebook.com/SighisoaraMultilingva/?fref=ts

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

The main objective of the general project:
– to accelerate the transition from NEET (neither in education, employment or training) to employability (job or entrepreneurial activities) for 6 EVS volunteers from Italy (3) and Spain (3)
Within each of the two stages the EVS volunteers will work in mixed teams for the achievement of the following types of activities:
– The volunteers will help 6 local organizations or public institution in promoting their activities online and offline in Romanian language and also in English. The volunteers will develop journalistic abilities by making brochures, e-pages, video / photo reportages, street interviews, multimedia materials, etc.
– The volunteers will organize foreign language interactive courses for young people in Sighisoara (in their own native languages or in English)
– The volunteers will promote Sighisoara and the local community on-line through their native languages by creating blogs, wiki encyclopedias, etc
– The volunteers will support Wild Carpathia’s team in selecting and preparing local youngsters for sending them as EVS volunteers in other countries
– The volunteers will develop monthly events to promote European diversity and multilingualism like intercultural evenings, bingo quiz nights, karaoke nights, etc.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

Send your CV and motivation letter at: comunicacio@catalunyavoluntaria.cat
Fundació Catalunya Voluntària is the sending organization, this vacancy is open only for people with residence in Spain.

More info: http://www.catalunyavoluntaria.cat/oportunitats/