EVS vacancy in Poland

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Location: Poland/Bystrzyca Kłodzka

Period: 07/04/2017 – 07/10/2017

Deadline: 26 March 2017

EVS in Poland at Europejskie Forum Młodzieży organisation for French, English, Austrian citizen!!!

About the Hosting Organization

Europejskie Forum Młodzieży (EFM) was founded in 1994 by the youth of the Ziemia Kłodzka region who were interested in European integration, social activities and local democracy. EFM was registered as an association in 1995.

Currently, EFM is an independent non-governmental and non-profit organization which aims at implementing different projects for youngsters. The organization is both active at local, national, European and intercontinental level. The general aim of EFM is to spread the impact of its projects beyond Poland’s borders. Our activities include workshops and trainings, international youth exchanges, European Voluntary Service, national and trans-national youth initiatives, conferences, seminars, job shadowing, study visits, feasibility visits, open air events designed to young people and the local communities, non-formal educational work camps for Polish youngsters.

The main goals of EFM organization are:

Providing non-formal education to the youth within the spirit of European citizenship;
Involving young people in managing activities that come up in their minds;
Activating youth through encouraging them to develop their interests outside of school and take part in the life of their community;
Promoting intercultural non-formal learning;
Involving youngsters with fewer opportunities in international projects;
Encouraging the involvement of the regions, municipalities and civil society actors in European non-formal education activities.

EFM has managed to build a strong network of partners in Europe and together we aim at encouraging youth work, volunteering and mobility through international projects. Our partnership network includes already 28 European non-governmental and non-profit organisations concerned with youth and European citizenship. Also EFM cooperates with many organisations and institutions from different countries in the world other than European (Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Latin America).

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

There is a possibility for the volunteer to take part in a number of activities within our organisation:

– offering non formal education opportunities in form of language conversations regarding actual themes for local people, education of this sort provides an attractive alternative for youngsters other than formal education, opportunity to test out their acquired language skills in authentic conversations and to realize importance of foreign language knowledge;

– visiting local schools as a guest to loosen up traditional language lessons (German, French, Spanish, English) with a more personal and non-formal approach, making presentations about the volunteer`s home country or participating in European and thematic School Clubs’

– participating in the training camps and seminars for young people from all over Poland and beyond, and leading presentations at these camps on various subjects (EU, stereotypes, the volunteer’s country etc.);

– participating in YouthMaster camp for polish students attending school;

– according to his/her interests and choice, the volunteer can work, from time to time organizing workshops about different topics (voluntary work, active citizenship, human rights, cultural awareness etc.) in the schools around the region. Due to the fact that EFM cooperates with the schools in the region from the very beginning, we can support partnerships between volunteers and teachers in order to implement these meetings;

– another example of a typical activity is the work in the kindergarten. The volunteer can join this activity by preparing and organizing different activities for the children in order to help them learn how to socialize, how to lose fears and how to play. There is also a request of basic English, German lessons for the children;

– EFM is also cooperating with the Orphanage in Kłodzko. There the volunteers will organize meetings, workshops, and lessons for the children in order to show them what civic work means, that tolerance and human rights in general are values that must be respected. Also the volunteers will organize outside activities for the children, games, sports activities and walks in the forest. For the children, it is very important to get in contact with our volunteers as they feel it is a unique opportunity to learn about values in different countries. The volunteers will also help during Sailing Camps in the summer time;

– helping in the office to send Polish youngsters to be volunteers through EVS, writing emails, making phone calls or texts translation which requires the volunteer’s language skills. The volunteers participate in meetings with candidates of EVS in order to share their experience, to give advices and to promote their projects. Volunteers are not required to work in the office but if they enjoy helping with these tasks or they require this experience they are welcome to help us in this way;

– writing NEWS, the monthly magazine published by EFM youth workers and volunteers for local young people. The articles included in the magazine concern different topics from film reviews to sports or world politics. For some volunteers this can be an opportunity to stay in touch with their favourite subject and express their feelings in certain concerns.

– Up-dating the EFM website – designing the graphics, improving the layout or information, translating the texts;

supporting cultural events for local people using the skills or interests of the volunteer and the background of her/his country (concerts, exhibitions, theatre, dance or sport competitions). The volunteer has the possibility to create any activities (with the project’s aims) which they have enthusiasm to organise and they will have strong support from EFM;

– organizing events that aim at promoting cultural awareness and tolerance among the locals: European information campaigns, multicultural evenings etc. Volunteers will choose to participate in different activities according to their skills and options. The project is flexible and the volunteer can combine three or four of the activities mentioned;

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Please send your CV and motivation lette directly to the reciving organisation- Europejskie Froum Młodzieży! Contact person: Ms Marzena Pitus, E-mail: efm@efm.org.pl or biuro@efm.org.pl