EVS vacancy in Bulgaria for German volunteers

Bulgaria EVSSpirit of the Carnival

Location: Ruse, Bulgaria

Period: 01/06/2017 – 30/06/2017

Deadline: 5 April 2017

EVS SHORT TERM call for residents in GERMANY.

“Spirit of the Carnival” is the third edition of the short term EVS project that involves 25 young people from 5 countries (Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Germany).
Adventure for young people immersed in the world of art who will be involved in the preparation and implementation of the most massive cultural event in Ruse, namely Ruse Carnival, which is traditionally held in June each year. Participants will be directly involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the Carnival and the events related by acquiring knowledge in the field of cultural management and organization of large scale cultural events. By participating in the project, they will improve their language skills and improve their ability to work in a team and in a multicultural environment. The methods that will be used are nonformal education and practical work in the thematic areas of the project.

The presence of volunteers in the local community helps promote the concept of
volunteering and its benefits and promote EVS and the opportunities the EU offers young people to improve their skills and fulfill their potential. And the presence of foreign youths in the Carnival completes this festive event for the city.

About the Hosting Organization

Association “Inspiration” supports the social, cultural and sport development of the young people of Ruse region; promotes the civil participation among young people and creates an environment for exchange of experience between youngsters through international youth projects. Some of the activities implemented inside the organization are: different clubs related to civil education, psychology, providing information and consultation services for young people, work with volunteers. We have experience in organizing international youth projects.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

As one of 25 young international (from Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy and Germany) volunteers you will be engaged in the Culture Carnival Celebrations in Ruse, Bulgaria.

You will promote the Carnival celebrations in various neighborhoods. You will visit public schools to show young pupils how to celebrate Carnival in your home country. You will paint children faces and make Carnival masks at the central square.

You can also lead workshops with local youngsters, where you teach basic phrases in your language or you share skills you have in music, dance, sports, photography or whatever you like: it’s up to you what you want share with others!

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

As the starting date is June 1st, it is necessary to collect all the application before Easter, so that participants can book the flights early enough.

For any questions or if you want to send your application, please write to Andreas Kern: kern@jugendakademie.de

This EVS call is open only for people aged 18-24 years old who live in Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany). Those who are interested must live in NRW, but they do not have to be necessarily German.