EVS vacancy in Belgium for Italian volunteer

EVS vacancy Find EVS 9Outodoor and nature in Belgium

Location: Oudenaarde, Belgium 

Period: 01/05/2017 – 01/05/2018

Deadline: 10 April 2017

We are looking for one Italian volunteer who would be interested to join us for a year to learn how we work with children in our adventurous setting

About the Hosting Organization

The Outsider Club organizes adventures for children and young people. All the activities are guided by young volunteers, between the age of 16 and 25. We believe children should be able to play and be adventurous in a safe and responsible way. This gives them the ability to explore their boundaries and to start to know themselves. The Outsider Club isn’t only focused on national youth work, we believe in the added value of international youth work. This provides a chance for young people to create their own world views and become active citizens.
The Outsider Club works in and with the nature. We chose to confront people with the nature that is given to us. We want our participants to take care of and to learn on nature.

The volunteers we work with are well guided and are constantly trained on topics of youth work and outdoor. We provide different coaching moments, those are used to work on the personal learning plan of the volunteers. Those plans differ from entrepreneurial, to personalities or abilities.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

The Outsider Club is located near to some forests and a lake. To maintain this area, the participants will learn how to restore nature’s beauty by learning to work with specific instruments and techniques.
They will also help with youth and outdoor activities and trainings in this area. They will help with the maintenance of the installations and be able to come up with ideas on how to improve activities.
To give them the necessary skills the volunteers will get a complete training, this training will cover dedicational skills such as speaking in front of a group, outdoor skills such as: basics of climbing, first aid and evacuation, water sports outdoor cooking, how to work in the nature and use the nature.
Those trainings will be important because one of the goals at The Outsider Club is to help our volunteers to reach a certain level of self-reliance.
A second part is to embed internationalization throughout our organization. The volunteers will be our international ambassadors. Therefore, the volunteers will be involved in a diverse spectrum of tasks such as translating a part of the website, keeping the international page up to date, … Together with our board of directors, they will have the opportunity to work on our international policy and vision. A number of administration tasks will be given to the volunteer including communicating information, translating documents all focused on international experiences.

– Preserving nature: learning and discovering nature’s secrets and understanding how work instruments are used in a proper and safe way.
– Guiding activities: How do you lead a group in a motivational way, how do I give proper instructions, how do I organize a safe activity.
– Knowledge of basic rope climbing skills, safety outdoor, survival skills, dedicational skills, social skills and communication skills. All previous skills are learned during training sessions. We believe in learning by doing therefore the participants will get the
opportunity to exercise their new skills with our support and help nearby.
– internationalization: The participants will have the opportunity to reach out to others by posting their experiences on a regular base on different social platforms. They are also included during meetings concerning international policy and vision. This invites them to be critical and have an own opinion.
Most of the activities will be planned at our location in Oudenaarde. Some of them will take place on other locations such as: Lummen, the coastline, the Ardennes, …

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

To apply send your CV to: evs@cooperativamargherita.org

Subject: Outdoor and Nature in Belgium

More details at: http://www.cooperativamargherita.org/europa/evs/english-evs-opportunity-in-belgium-outdoor-and-nature-project/