EVS vacancy in Macedonia

EVS Vacancy Find EVS 4Green cycle

Location: Bitola, Macedonia

Period: 01/09/2017 – 31/08/2018

Deadline: 15 April 2017

Host organization: YMCA Bitola, PIC no: 945909275
Sending Organization: Stichting ‘De Olde Vechte’. Foundation, Kvk number: 41022419.

Dear potential EVS Volunteer,

Thank you for your interest about our EVS project. Here you can find all needed information: background about YMCA Bitola, the planned activities for the EVS project, the work environment and logistics.

First of all we recommend you to visit our web site ( http://www.ymcabitola.org.mk) and our pages at the social media so you can gain some perspective about our organization and activities we do.

The Project

The theme of the project is cleaner environment, as the name says “Green cycle”. This project will be realized in the city of Bitola, Macedonia. It is a long term EVS project with twelve months of service starting in September 2017 to August 2018. The activities in the project will provide the volunteer opportunity for personal enrichment through living and performing in place and work on project with different cultural context. The volunteer also will promote own culture, lifestyle, assist in the activities of the organization, but also contribute to our community by addressing important local and global issues. The objectives of the project are:

Promote greener approach towards the environment.
Promote healthier lifestyle by promoting sustainable urban transportation with main focus on the bicycle.
Raise the public awareness with focus on youth for the personal footprint we leave in our environment
Promote volunteering and promotion of the EVS program in particular. Also promoting the European citizenship and European mobility.

About the Hosting Organization

YMCA Bitola is a non-profit, nongovernmental, nonreligious and an inclusive youth association which aims to provide opportunities for local youth and to actively work with them in our community. YMCA Macedonia is a part of the YMCA family spreaded throughout 119 countries worldwide reaching over 58 million people. YMCA Bitola was established in May 2002.

The main goal of the Association is to provide activities and opportunities in the fields of non-formal education, promoting healthy lifestyles, arts and culture, and civil society that develop positive values and attitudes among young people.

MOTTO: Empowering youth! VALUES that we nurture and support: Courage, Responsibility, Respect, Creativity and Care.

We welcome all people with a focus on youth.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

Task’s of the volunteer

Implementing set of activities in order successful implementation of the project such as:

Making and editing photos and videos
Write blogs posts
Work on the social media
Design and distribute promotional on and offline
Organize workshops, presentations, exhibitions and flash mobs in public places and in schools.
Promote own culture through: language, music, food, lifestyle, etc.
Share best practices from own country.
Work on additional projects as supplement to the main idea.
Cooperate with YMCA Bitola volunteers and other local youth.
Support YMCA Bitola in the other activities that are happening.

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Please complete the EVS application form (http://bit.ly/2oPyFBn) and send it to us on: evs@ymcabitola.org.mk. Only the short listed candidates will be contacted after the selection process takes place.

*There is a possibility of Skype interview also.

More information:

Profile of the EVS volunteer

Between 17-30 years old
Solid speaking and understanding of English language
Loves environment and bicycles
Have a promotional skills
Good communication skills
To love video and photo making
Be able to easy connect and relate to people and not be afraid to talk in front of other groups of people.


The volunteer will work at the YMCA office where there are: computers, printer, cameras, telephone and wireless internet access. But also there will be activities implementing in some other places like: public spaces, schools, etc.

The volunteer will work 30 hours a week. Will usually have weekends off. If s/he take part in activities during the weekend, s/he will have extra time off at another time. For each month of their EVS service, volunteers will have 2 days off (apart from weekends). Other vacations may be arranged upon agreement with YMCA Bitola.

The volunteer will be accommodated in an apartment. There is a possibility the volunteer to share the apartment with other volunteers. Everyone will have own room, but will share the kitchen and bathroom. It will be a standard, student type of apartment with all the necessary conditions for a decent life. The volunteers are obliged to respect the universal principles of living in a collective building, such as not to make noise after 10 pm, to be aware of the hygiene policy, etc.

Bitola is famous for its urban atmosphere which is perfectly combined with its picturesque surroundings. The city is noted for its cultural and historical spots, unique traditions and lifestyle of the locals. For more information about Bitola: http://bitolatourist.info.

More info: http://ymcabitola.org.mk/mk/archives/event/vacancy-evs-volunteer-netherlands?instance_id=2328

If you have any questions please contact us at evs@ymcabitola.org.mk.
Contact person: Pavlina Veljanovska