EVS vacancy in Poland

call EVS project active vacancy in Poland Find EvsKIDS in peace

Location: Łódź, Poland

Period: 01/09/2017 – 01/08/2018

Deadline: 10 April 2017

The project “KIDS in peace” will last for 11 months and take place within 8 kindergartens. The main focus of the project is developing peace education and introducing the concept in the local kindergartens. If chosen, the volunteers will go through a process of peace education themselves to be able to implement their new competence in the work with kids.

Each volunteer will work in one kindergarten, 4 days per week (aprox. 24h), being supported and mentored by the teachers. One day per week in the monthly schedule will be dedicated to meetings in the office of KobieTY, and working together with other volunteers as a group on the peace education topics, practices, planning common activities, and addressing other important issues that the volunteers might have. Altogether, the volunteer will spend around 30-35 hours per week within working and mentoring activities.
There will be provided free Polish lessons once a week, a free card for the local public transport, a Polish bank card (on which you will receive your food and pocket money monthly), and a Polish SIM card (so you can stay in touch with the organization and the other volunteers), make sure you bring a spare phone for it.
In accordance with the Erasmus+ rules, your expenses on your way here and on your way back will be refunded (up to a certain limit).

About the Hosting Organization


* support local and international volunteers self-development
* answer the needs of local and foreign community
* bring positive change to the community
* promote and foster intercultural dialogue

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

Volunteer will be mainly involved in work with children (aged 3-6) of the local kindergarten. The volunteer will observe/join/support/prepare & present such activities, as for example: working and playing with children, proposing activities for children staying afternoons in a common room, preparing presentations for children, parents, organisation’s (Kindergarten’s) staff ect. to show and share volunteer’s culture, traditions, local reality ect; supproting teachers during big activities and events (such as sport competitions, holidays celebrations ect.). Volunteer will also provide a support for the kindergarten by following its daily schedule Will support teachers in care and self-care activities for children (helping children during meals, in the cloakroom, in the bathroom) and during the educational activities, including: music, art, sport, language classes and others. Volunteer may also assist in daily work of the institution byby taking photos and documentating realised activities, writing short notes, articles, preparing and presenting interactive presentations, galeries of photographs, educational materials ect. Besides, assisting and supporting organisation’s regular program – based on personal skills and training of the volunteer – she will be encouraged to offer and run her own “personal project” – with support of coordinating organisation – (for example a series of workshops, specific activities or other initiatives). Implementation of volunteer’s “personal project” will be only possible after discussing the idea with coordinators and getting their acceptance and permition (based on organisation’s and project’s aims, organisation’s capacity ect.). Volunteer may also be asked to support the activities proposed by coordinating organisation – KobieTY (Kobiety.lodz.pl), which aims at promoting international yout mobility, voluntary service, international and intercultural dialogue ect. All actions mentioned above will involve a unique, international approach to the assigned activities. All activities are also based in the elemnts of non-formal education methods and approach.

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

If interested, send us the following:
1. CV in English

2. Answers to these 4 questions (in any format you choose):
A. Tell us about 1 experience, volunteering or otherwise relevant to this project.
B. What opportunity do you find for yourself in this project?
C. Why do you think you are a good match for this project?
D. Do you have a sending organization?

We are waiting for your CV’s and the answers to the questions at: evs.kobiety@gmail.com