EVS vacancy for applicants from Morocco, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Hungary

EVS Vacacny Find EVS 1EVS in Soziokulturelles Zentrum “Die VILLA”

Location: Leipzig, Germany

Period: 01/09/2017 – 31/07/2018

Deadline: 9 April 2017

ONLY for applicants from Morocco, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Hungary

Volunteers should be interested in getting to know the work in a big socio-cultural centre and be open to get into contact with people from different ages, world views and religions. Practical experiences in the field “cultural events – especially music” is welcome. Basic knowledge of German is advantageous for working with the visitors of the center.

About the Hosting Organization

Consolidating the commitment and the creative potential of the greatest possible number of individuals is one of the mainstays of “Die VILLA.” volunteer activities and services play a correspondingly important role in many areas: be it in the organisation of cultural events, in the media laboratory, the school social work or the bicycle service station. A large number of activities would be impossible without volunteer help. Thus, the social and cultural center “Die VILLA” has long occupied itself with different models of youth volunteer service. By their help we want to motivate more young people with fewer opportunities from Leipzig to shape their own ideas and put them into practice.
Its intensive involvement in the European Voluntary Service program is part of this: since 2003 “Die VILLA” has been a host and sending organization in the program. The establishment of a flat-sharing community for young people doing voluntary service right in the rooftop of the house was a further innovation.
The social and cultural center “Die VILLA” offers volunteers the opportunity to gain experience in independent work as well as team work, conceptual thinking, communication, and other fields chosen by the volunteers themselves. They work together with full-time employees, but also with other German and European volunteers and trainees. The volunteers are on the one hand integrated into regular activities (according to their personal interests and abilities), on the other hand they are given the opportunity to independently carry out their own project ideas.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy


Cultural work:
For the volunteer it is possible to learn to know all parts of the VILLA. They shall definitely prepare and carry through the language evening together with the responsible professionals, but besides that they can work:
– in the VILLA Keller (assistance of social and music+cultural events like band projects, open stage, concerts, etc.)
– in “KulturLeben” (KulturLeben offers cultural participation for people on low income – convey free tickets f. e., the volunteer helps in preparing information booths and other events)
On top of it, all volunteers have the opportunity to independently organize a project of their choice as part of their voluntary service.

In addition we will realize several project days towards topics of integration of refugees / anti-discrimination / diversity – workshops, visiting institutions and organizations, contact persons in Leipzig. The volunteers will be asked to realize an own project based on the issues of the project days and/or to continue the integration projects of former volunteers.

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Please hand in the filled application form (http://www.jahr-fuer-europa.de/voluntary-service-in-leipzig/host-organisations/soziokulturelles-zentrum-die-villa-2010-de-133/) + (and which project you apply for – media laboratory, cultural work, school social work). For media laboratory and cultural work you needn’t complete the part of the sending organisation, because this is still arranged with a partner organisation from each of the numerated countries. But those who apply for school social work their sending organisation need to complete it.
We will give a first feedback on the application within one week. Those applications who pass the preselection are forwarded to the project responsables who usually decide within two weeks after the application deadline.