EVS vacancy in Germany

Germany EVS vacancy Find EVS 1Jugendaustauschwerk im Kreis Gütersloh e.V

Location: Germany

Period: 07/08/2017 – 30/06/2017

Deadline: 24 April 2017

The Jugendaustauschwerk im Kreis Gütersloh e.V.(JAW) is looking for a cheerful volunteer interested to live in Germany and to take place in activities with children and adolesents.

About the Hosting Organization

The Jugendaustauschwerk im Kreis Gütersloh e.V.(JAW) is an independent non profit association. We work in various fields of activities that are linked with each other.
1. International youth exchange and camps for teenager and adolesence
2. Family education programms for young familys, adults and seniors
3. Youth education programm for children between 6 – 10 years
4. Family center to meet and teach special knowledge to young familys
5. Organising institution of the all-day-primaryschools in Verl.
6. Cooperation with the all-day-secondary schools and in Verl
7. Organising institution of the school canteen Every day there are more than 500 guests coming to the Droste-Haus to join different activities and offerings for people of all age.
The activities with international groups take place all over the year. The participants of the youth exchange programm mainly live in host familes, which are selected, trained and supervised by our staff.The JAW is a place of personal encounter and communication. Through our programm people meet, exchange and thereby learn new things about other cultures and religions. Our main goal is to bring people of different cultures, social backround, age or personal ability together and let them develop awareness for tolerance, humanity and peace.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

The volunteer will be involved in an international environment.

The volunteer will:

– work with children and teenagers and organise activities with them
– develope activities with international groups
– attent to German lessons

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Send your application to stephan.crass@hotmail.de

You can search for more information on the following webpage https://europa.eu/youth/volunteering/organisation/947122066_en or sending an email to stephan.crass@hotmail.de