EVS vacancy in Spain

Spain EVS vacancy at find EVSBe youth. Be higher

Location: León (Spain)

Period: 01/09/2017 – 30/06/2018

Deadline: 15 April 2017

OPEN CALL – 1 EVS volunteer in AEGEE-León (Spain)

* 10 months, starting in September 2017
* Youth Work. Erasmus student contact.
* Apply NOW till 15 April.
* From any Program Country
* medium-high Spanish level required

About the Hosting Organization

AEGEE­-León (www.aegeeleon.org) is a Spanish student organisation that promotes cooperation, communication and integration among young people all over Europe. As a non­governmental, politically independent and non­profit organisation, AEGEE­-León is open to all the students and young people from all kind of studies and areas of interest.
We were founded on August of 2003 and we have reached 200 members. We organize Summer Universities, thematic conferences (peace, integration, education, human rights, etc), seminars, debates, training courses, cultural sightseeing and youth exchanges for spanish student.
We are also actively collaborating with the International Relations Office of the University of León, organizing all kind of activities (informal meetings, dinners, trips, language meetings…etc) for the exchange students of Erasmus and Amicus Program of University.
Although AEGEE-León’s workfield is local, we work in network with other local Antennae of AEGEE that belong to AEGEE-Europe. Our association is independent to this one, so we exclude AEGEE-León out of European NGO consideration.
AEGEE-Europe encompasses more than 200 cities in 40 European and non European countries, becoming AEGEE the biggest interdisciplinary student association in Europe (www.aegee.org)
Our EVS project will take place in León, in Castilla y Leon’s region on the north west part of Spain. We have been hosting several years EVS participants and they have been really pleased about the place.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

Main duties for the Volunteer:
To collaborate in office daily tasks of our association:
– Public attention to Erasmus Students and local members.
– Reservations for trips, cultural entrances, sport courts, etc.
– Answering phone calls.
– Check association related e-mails.
– Manage public social network of our association.
To work closely with the Erasmus Team of AEGEE-León.
To collaborate and organize a weekly language exchange meeting.
To help us in the maintenance of the Volunteering Office, giving information services to the ones who are interested on EVS and other mobility projects.
Other duties for the volunteers:
To help updating and translating our webpage and Blog in English, Spanish and his/her mother tongue.
To help in the organization of youth fairs: setting up stages, posters, media, etc.
To work with other AEGEE members in Local and European level, participating in working groups and activities.
To promote the involvement of young people in mobility projects.
To help the Board actively to achieve their goals.
To develop a personal project in our association.

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Send your application to evs.aegeeleon@gmail.com