EVS vacancy in Uruguay for Spanish volunteers

amazing-evs-find-evs-vacancy-5YOSE – EVS in Uruguay

Location: Paysandú, Uruguay

Period: 01/07/2017 – 31/08/2017

Deadline: 24 April 2017

2 months long EVS in Uruguay for the volunteers from Spain, Region of Murcia, in the framework of the YOSE project – Youth Opportunities in Social Economy

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The activity will take place in Paysandú, a city of 100 000 inhabitants located in the eastern part of Uruguay.

The volunteers will participate in a local project related to youth and social entrepreneurship named IMPULSA JOVEN, whose objectives are:

Develop the active citizenship and participation of young people and in priority youngsters with economical difficulties

Improve the social inclusion of groups at risk of social exclusion

The project aims at encouraging the development and improving the way of working of youth social enterprises such as groups of young craftsperson, small start-ups, people doing manual activities…

It also has for objective to have a social and intercultural impact by creating moments and spaces where young people from different backgrounds and cultures can meet. Sharing experiences and learning are at the heart of the IMPULSA JOVEN project.


Participate in the “IMPULSA JOVEN” program of Paysandú:

Training of youth leaders

Participation and animation of camps for young people where they have to “survive” with few things and to cooperate altogether

Preparation and lead of different trainings with the team of the project

Support the team in the preparation of the activities and events

The volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in activities such as cultural events and presentations about specific topics. These topics are various and numerous, giving also the possibility to the volunteers to develop their own activities by sharing about their culture: cooking workshops, dance…

Depending on the skills and motivation, the volunteers will have the possibility to participate in additional activities such as:
Development of the website of the organisation
Writing articles for the blog of the organisation
Development of audio-visual and communication tools for the organisation itself or to support the development of the communication of youth social enterprises
Communication workshop for the youth social enterprises (how to develop a communication plan for example)
Support in marketing activities
All the volunteers will prepare the video up to 3 minutes about the social economy in the country.

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Details: https://www.bevolunteer.net/yoseuruguay