EVS in Vietnam for volunteers from Spain, Lithuania and Hungary

EVS Vacancy Find EVS 3Location: Vietnam – different cities

Period: 01/09/2017 – 28/02/2018

Deadline: 24 April 2017

6 months long EVS in Vietnam for the volunteers from Spain, Region of Murcia, Hungary and Lithuania, in the framework of the HAPPY 2.0 project

Project 1 – Teaching English in CEC, Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen

Two volunteers needed
CEC is an environment for children aged from 6-15 years old and an English supportive center for adults who take part in in-service training and associate training courses with universities and colleges throughout the country. In Phu Yen, volunteers will teach English to children and support the teachers to improve the English teaching methods.

Role and tasks:
participate as a full member of the national and international SJ Vietnam organization

Teach English to children and create a friendly environment in order to encourage communicattion in English. Volunteers will be the teachers and they are expected to teach grammar and other aspects of English to their own classes which may have more than 10 students.

Organize leisure activities in English (audio, books, etc) and by providing self-study materials.

May help the teachers and staffs with other tasks in the school.

Daily life
Working plan can be as below:
Morning: 8h – 11h; Afternoon: 5h30 – 7h

Volunteers will work from Tuesday to Saturday. Sundays and Mondays are usually off work but this can be changed due to the working plan of the center

Accommodation and food
The CEC Center will provide basic accommodations with hot showers and kitchen facilities are available. Meals will be provided at the canteen of the center. Volunteers will have to pay if they choose to eat outside.

Internet is available at the center.

Project 2 – Ha Long city, Vietnam (Ha Long University)

Two volunteers needed
This project is aimed to support local teachers to give a genuine native speaking and listening training for students and interacting with students for culture exchange purpose.

The school locates at the rural area in Quang Ninh Province which is 4 hours’ drive from Hanoi.

Role and tasks:
Volunteers will teach English (and other foreign languages if required) to students to create a friendly environment in order to encourage them to communicate in English.

Participating every regular class and provide vocal pronunciation when needed
Organizing after-class activities including extra pronunciation & speaking class
Daily close communication with teachers and students to understand their problems and needs.
Improving students speaking and listening ability for the targeted language
Trying to encourage the students to learn English by organizing leisure activities in English (audio, books, etc), by providing the self-help materials.
Cultural exchange: For you and students to understand each other in a personal and cultural level
Support school or local volunteer agency to raise the awareness of the project and the school to get further support from outside if needed.

Daily life
Volunteer will work 5 days/week (25 – 20h/week). Sometimes required on the weekend but will be informed and agreed beforehand and will be compensated later.

Accommodation and food:
The university will provide a simple dormitory with private bedroom and shower & toilet.
You will have meals at the school cafeteria or eating at local restaurants, cook dinner by yourself in the shared kitchen. Sometimes you may make your own if you may prefer another style of breakfast, and it should be better if you can eat alone those days.

More information: https://www.bevolunteer.net/happy-vietnam

How to apply: