Short-term EVS in Colombia for Spanish volunteers

amazing-evs-find-evs-vacancy-5YOSE – EVS in Colombia

Location: Cali, Colombia

Period: 01/07/2017 – 31/08/2017

Deadline: 24 April 2017

2 months long EVS in Colombia for the volunteers from Spain, Region of Murcia, in the framework of the YOSE project – Youth Opportunities in Social Economy


Share good practices in working with children, adolescents and young people between 12 and 22 years old with Youth Centers, Social Organizations or Educational Institutions working with young people in the municipalities of Cali, Florida, Pradera. From preparing activities to be developed with children and young people

Visiting indigenous, peasant and Afro-Colombian communities to share the expectations and interests of young people in Colombia, France and Spain in relation to programs that promote social economy.

Coordination and follow-up meetings to the work plan

Make video on identified social economy practices.

If volunteers have knowledge of different languages other than Spanish, there is the possibility of organizing activities to share basic vocabulary and basic activities of compression


With experience in working with children and adolescents or belonging to a youth organization.

With disposition to mobilize to the related municipalities.

Easy relationship and willingness to share with new cultures.

It is important that volunteers have a high level of flexibility and maturity


Working arrangement 6 hours a day, completing 30 hours a week. Flexible schedules especially in the evenings. With availability to work weekends when required by special activities that are done in the community. Times that will be coordinated to keep the free time provided in the exchange.
The accommodation will be provided in the corporation, in houses of Families and in rented rooms depending on the economic conditions of each municipality
The food will be provided in each of the lodging sites of each of the participants.

How to apply: