EVS in Nepal for volunteers from Spain, Hungary and Lithuania

EVS vacancy Find EVS 5Location: Okhalunga, Nepal

Period: 01/09/2017 – 31/01/2017

Deadline: 24 April 2017

EVS in Nepal within the HAPPY 2.0 project for the volunteers from Lithuania, Hungary and Spain

The EVS Volunteers will be places in Okhaldhunga Community, a remote village is located in Everest Region, in the northeast part of Nepal. Click here,

The Volunteers will work under various projects below such as

Project A. Women’s Empowerment Program:

VIN has been working in community on its Women’s Empowerment program since 2007. The goal of VIN’s women’s empowerment program is to empower women socially and economically through education, life skills and income generation initiatives. This program includes the projects on women’s entrepreneurship development, micro credit, education and life skills and research. The major objectives of this program are:

To develop women as entrepreneur through income generation initiative.

To ensure economic freedom for women through establishment of micro credit system

Educating them on their rights and in life skills

Improving their health (through public health and medical care)

Activity 1.

The Women Entrepreneurship: The women entrepreneurship program includes activities related to agriculture and non-agriculture sectors that motivate women to generate income and develop them as an entrepreneur.

Develop the training course together with VIN staff and deliver it to the local women group.

Support local women in their farm.

Activity 2.

Women’s Microcredit Cooperative: The primary aim of the microcredit cooperative is to collect funds from the individual Women’s Savings Groups into one main cooperative. This creates a central fund large enough to supply substantial, low-cost loans to the women, thus encouraging economic growth while mitigating the need for external sources of capital. This activity increases cash flow which then results in funds growth. Therefore, the women involved can increase their savings and earn more dividends, while simultaneously promoting financing sustainable, long-term income generation projects.

Support/help Cooperative staff in financial management and records.

Work and train local staff and women group in keeping financial records, loans and other business.

Activity 3

Women education and life skills: Women education and life skills program include the literacy program and different types of life skills training that help women to develop knowledge and skills.

Organize and facilitate various life skills trainings to the women in the community.

Develop and deliver computer, English and sports classes to the women and youths.
Project B Children’s Development Program

Children Development is one of the major programs of VIN’s Integrated Community Development Approach. The aim of VINs Children’s Development program is to protect the rights of all children in the community by:
Providing them with access to quality basic education

Developing their life skills and leadership

Providing access to health services (through our community health program)

The volunteers can do the following activities.

Activity 1

Teaching English in school: Whilst teaching English in Nepali schools volunteers will typically be required to carry out regular teaching activities. However, volunteers can also be assigned other responsibilities related to our Early Childhood Development (ECD) program if they are found to have skills required in this area. Please remember other activities assigned to you over and above the standard teaching activities will be subject to the need of program and your interests, experience and skills.

For teaching effectively at Nepali Schools, volunteers have to first understand what the education system in Nepal is like and how they can contribute within that structure. The second thing volunteers need to know is the level of education provided, contents of the English curriculum and the student’s age group in each schooling level.

Activity 2

Teaching Art and craft: VIN has introduced the Teaching Art and Craft project to help bring the developmental possibilities of arts (including dance) to the children of marginalized communities. This is an opportunity for volunteers with creative skills and expertise to help underprivileged children find a channel for self-expression, a way to connect with the world and see it differently.

Activity 3

Children’s Club: VIN has been working facilitating in the formation of the children’s club in its working community site. The aim is to develop children’s clubs as an autonomous and active mechanism to exercise and advocate children’s rights. The volunteers can support in the formation of children’s club or strengthening existing children’s clubs.

Activity 4

Sports and Social activities: Organize various interactive games, organizing sports and outdoor activities, undertaking interaction programs, debates and any other creative, entertaining and social activities that will enhance the skills and knowledge of children in any way.

Project C Community Health Program

VIN is dedicated to sustainably and significantly improving the basic health conditions of the working community. VIN firmly believes in the holistic approach of health programs and has developed a strategy to install curative and preventive programs, so that significant achievement is possible in a short period of action.

Activity 1

Awareness campaign among children, women and youth and local people:

VIN mobilizes volunteers to facilitate campaigns, training and workshops in the local community and schools. Through these activities volunteers will be able to make people aware of and develop skills in first aid and other basic health practices. The community health volunteers will conduct campaigns on identified issues among each targeted group

Teach basic health & hygiene habits to school children & community people.

Consult with local community about their current health condition.

Work on improving basic sanitation habits with the local community.

Visit children’s clubs & public schools to raise awareness & give first aid tips.

Activity 2

Research activities:

Community health volunteers are expected to participate in research activities that are being carried out under the Community Health Program. Any other health activities that do not have negative influence upon the community and that do not result into the damage of health of community people can be carried out with permission from VIN.

Requirements as an EVS Volunteer for this project:
Fluent spoken and written English
Physically fit as the project and community require lot of walking.
Motivated and interested in community development approach.
Must be from health background those who apply for community health project.
Must have some sports and arts knowledge and skills to work with children.
Those who love working with children and women.
Those who are able to adapt very basic condition community life.


Application process:

Please read about the application process at: https://www.bevolunteer.net/happy2-apply

More information: https://www.bevolunteer.net/happy-nepal