Short-term EVS in Paraguay for volunteers from Spain

EVS vacancy Find EVS 9YOSE – EVS in Paraguay

Location: Paraguay – Asunción y Ciudad del Este

Period: 01/08/2017 – 30/09/2017

Deadline: 24 April 2017

2 months long EVS in Paraguay for the volunteers from Spain, Region of Murcia, in the framework of the YOSE project – Youth Opportunities in Social Economy


Work on programs and projects for dissemination, systematization of documents and information on Human Rights, from Activities of Associations such as the Celestina Perez de Almada Foundation in the Museum of Memory, activities in schools, universities, and the Museum itself

Develop activities with children and adolescents in Social Economy programs in foster homes for children at risk

To carry out visits to peasant communities and where they will learn about the experiences of work in basic family economy and insertion of women and young people in the productive system from the communal gardens, to training in the development of productive enterprises that promote the social economy.

Participate and receive training courses in project development in areas of Asuncion and Ciudad del Este, documenting in an audiovisual format and supporting the systematization and editing of information in digital media and social networks

Ralize documentation in videos, photos and edit and support the development of fang page by disaggregating concepts and practices of social economy.

Support personal and professional experiences in community activities or enrich approaches with particular perspectives, European cultures of origin, languages, and experience in social economies

To develop together with other volunteers video of max. 3 minites about social and solidar economy


Young men or women between the ages of 18 and 30

With experience in working with adolescents, young people, and with broad thinking or mentality and predisposed to work with different cultures and customs

Predisposed to work on human rights issues, both in urban areas and in rural communities with limited resources and amenities in relation to their customs (little infrastructure for workshops in the open air .. under trees or lounges without many amenities) predisposition to Travel and mobilize many kilometers by road, either by public transport or cars.
Technical skills in video editing, production of audiovisual materials.


Volunteers will work 6 hours a day completing the 30 hours a week. Flexible schedules especially in the evenings. With the availability of working weekends when required by special activities that are carried out in the communities in the interior of the country, in the countryside, or in cultural or social events related to the museum or activities of diffusion or training of subjects such as Human Rights The Social Economy.

The accommodation will be provided from Puente Sur may be according to the case and the area either in houses of Families or in rooms or apartments rented that can be shared depending on availability in the work area.

– The food and transfer will be provided and secured by South Bridge regardless of the type of accommodation

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