EVS volunteer in Georgia for Polish volunteer

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Location: Rustavi, Georgia

Period: 01/05/2017 – 01/08/2017

Deadline: 27 April 2017

Association “Georgian Youth for Europe” looking for motivated POLISH volunteer for 4 month EVS project in Rustavi, Georgia.


Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

Volunteer Regular Activities:
-Regular weekly meetings with all local staff members- in order to evaluate previous week and discuss the plan for the up-coming week, divide tasks and responsibilities in detail provides space for the EVS volunteer to deal with any suggestions, questions or problems that might come up in connection with work or everyday life.

– to help in running the GYE office daily work; This task involves arranging practicalities, preparing leaflets about our activities, updating the GYE website and other little jobs depending on the need of the organisation.
– to run conversation courses in English to kids and youth. The aim of the conversation clubs in English is to motivate the children and youth to learn the foreign language and not to be afraid to speak English. The courses are led in cooperation between local volunteer from GYE and an EVS volunteer. Volunteers do not need to be good at English – their role is to create international environment and informal atmosphere – games, role plays, etc. If the volunteers are interested, they will be welcome to organise conversational clubs in the native language of their own.
– European club – to foster young people’s sense of European citizenship, to raise Volunteering awareness among Georgian youngsters with fewer opportunities and less-privileged backgrounds. Volunteers can tell or make presentations, culture days about Poland and Generally about European Union; European Citizenship; promote EVS, raise European awareness, etc. Volunteers will present the information in informal way as well as use well-known methods of Non-formal education: presentation, role games and quizzes about chosen topic;
– Video club – to lead GYE Video club together with local youth. Basic skills in audiovisual field and interest in media are required but not obligate. The volunteer will get a chance to gain new skills of working with video equipment, video editing programs and local community.
– 2 hours a week – spreading information about EVS and the “Erasmus+” Programme. This will be done in forms of advertising campaigns about EVS (together with the other EVS volunteers), meetings with youngsters in local schools to speak about own activities and promotion of the “Erasmus+” Programme.
During summer period we will have both indoor and outdoor activities. Volunteers will take part in a lot different kind outdoor activities — Once in a month – planning hikes to the nature for young people, with help of host organisation. Volunteer will always have responsible person from GYE to explain and teach her how to organize hike for young people and fallow safety rules.
Weekly outdoor activities in front of Rustavi city hall for local people – planning games, handy cruft workshops, movie evenings.
Summer camp in GYE eco-village Pona. Volunteer will be involved in preparation and realization process. She will be able to bring and develop her own ideas.
We expect them to be fully involved in every stage of these activities – planning, preparation, realization, evaluation.

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Send your application to: georgianyouth@gmail.com