EVS vacancy in Croatia for Italian volunteer

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Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Period: 20/09/2017 – 19/09/2018

Deadline: 30 June 2017

We are looking for one Italian volunteer to help people under risk
(people who suffer from diseases, elderly, disadvantaged children or children affected by diseases and disabled people) within our project in Zagreb, doing something meaningful for the life of the Others.

About the Hosting Organization

The aim of the Centre is to promote, improve and support the personal development of the individual through education and research of their own resources and talents to use them in the best way possible. Centre is also developing the culture of free time, improving lives and society as a whole and helping the charity (collecting cash and material resources) for malignant patients, especially children, socially disadvantaged families and other socially disadvantaged groups (particularly those with poor health) to improve the quality of life and living. The Centre operates on the area of Novi Zagreb bringing together different professions: pedagogues, psychologists, social workers, sociologists, communicologists, Gestalt therapists, workers with the knowledge of palliative care, physiotherapists. Our team consists of 4 persons, 8 external professional gestalt therapists and supervisors and 20 volunteers. You will have the opportunity to learn many skills and knowledge from our staff on various creative, charity and helping activities.


Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

Volunteers will have the opportunity to help people under risk: people who suffer from malignant diseases, elder and disabled people.
All these people mostly live alone in bad social conditions, but are very grateful to receive help and see young happy faces. It isn’t matter if you don’t speak Croatian well because you can also paint with them, make ornaments, play games, just walk till you learn some words. Our previous volunteers from France and Romania were very successful with them.
Main tasks:
• Help them to bring groceries from supermarket, buy medicines, etc.
• Walk with them helping with the wheelchairs.
• Give company and talk with them.
• Accompany or visit them at the hospital.
• Realize activities for children in the hospitals or during workshops.

Further activities/details:

1. Charitable work: voluntary work in gathering donations on the stand in shopping malls in Zagreb. Volunteers will collect donations from citizens in order to help children, youth and families with malignant diseases and socially disadvantaged. This activity will be held from Wednesday to Saturday, for 6 hours, volunteers can participate optionally how many days they want.

2. Support for socially excluded groups: users with malignant diseases, socially excluded users, elder and disabled users. Volunteers will visit users in their home and help in easy house work (vacuuming, cleaning dust, washing dishes). They will bring them medicine and groceries from market. Volunteers will be also involved in organizing workshops, hospital visits for children with malignant diseases and supervisions for those involved in working with malignant patients. This activity will be held from Monday to Friday. Every visit lasts for 1- 2 hour. Volunteers can participate optionally how many days they wanted.

3. Work with children in primary school. Volunteers will be included in workshops “Sensitization for malignant diseases” as a technical support (for short film, taking photographs, giving the material to children, explains some easy task when they learn Croatian). They will also collect toys and bottle corks which goes for donation and help children with malignant diseases. Volunteers will help to store and distribute toys. This activity will be held three times per month. Volunteers can participate optionally how they wanted.

4. Creative work. Volunteers will participate in making ornaments, workshop called “Gold hands”. They could participate in making soaps on natural base, pillows of lavender, greeting cards, brooches, rings, pendants, decorative boxes with decoupage. They could also sew handbags, slippers and shirts with colorful and interesting look. All products will be offered on stands in order to collect donations for help users with malignant diseases.

5. Updating Circles website and Facebook site. Volunteers will have opportunity in establishment of international cooperation: contacting foreign organizations in creating financial sustainability for our program. This activity will be held constantly. Volunteers can participate optionally how they wanted.

6. Encouraging learning process for Croatian language in practical and theoretical way: we will organize non- formal learning methods for learn phrases, basic communication in order to easily adopt to new culture, and to easily communicate with users and with Croatian youth which they will get to know during leisure.
7. Supervision and coordination will enable empowerment to operate, maintain motivation and encourage the creativity of volunteers.
8. Individual project for each volunteer. Each volunteer can contribute to some specific tasks with creativity and proposing ideas. Last year this originate: massage laboratory for elder and disabled, workshops with children, writing diary about feelings during EVS, making promotion materials, making new jewelry and ornaments by You tube ideas…

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Send a CV and a motivation letter to the Italina Sending Organization:


We are urgently looking for one volunteer. Full info pack at: