EVS vacancy in Italy for volunteers from France, Greece and Germany

Italy EVS vacancy Find EVS 1Y-VALUE “Young Volunteers ALlow to enhance disadvantaged people and yoUth sense of initiativE”

Location: Sandrigo (VI) – Italy

Period: 12/09/2017 – 08/09/2018

Deadline 30 June 2017

Margherita Cooperative is looking for 3 motivated Youth from Frence, Germany and Greece to do a meaningful and valuable work as a volunteers in the social field with disabled people and disadvantaged Youth!!

About the Hosting Organization

Cooperativa Margherita is a non-profit cooperative and social enterprise established in 1987 and located in Sandrigo.
Our mission is to pursue the interests of the community promoting human and social integration of citizens, especially disadvantaged ones, through the management of social, health and educational of services.
Our main target groups are children, youth, elderly and persons with disabilities who are suffering from social exclusion. We work together with public and private agencies trying to activate local communities, with a participatory and inclusive approach to create shared paths of development. This because we believe that supporting frail people means also to create an inclusive environment.
We have been hosting EVS volunteers since 2014 and we give great value to their participation in our activities.
Our motto is “It is important not only to do, but also to stop and think about what we do and how we do it” – Lucio Dal Molin, founder –

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

The project: “Young Volunteers ALlow to enhance disadvantaged people and yoUth sense of initiative” foresee the involvement of the volunteers in different centres and activities of Margherita, which are:
CALEIDO: centre for people with disabilities as medium-heavy mental retardation, behavioural disorders, communication problems, pervasive growth disturbance, brain damages.
AGENZIA TERRITORIALE: centre for self-sufficient people with disabilities, but good relational-skills, able to maintain a working experience, with/without external support/supervision.
APOLLO, SOLE, PROVA, VOLO and ECCOCI: centres for disadvantaged children reported by municipalities’ social services. They host maximum 10-15 children in need of special protection and educational, relational and/or school support from 6 to 14 years-old.

In the centres for disabled people volunteers will collaborate in:
• Proposing and managing new laboratories while helping with current ones (recycled paper, ceramics, etc.);
• Supporting the operators during workshops and monitoring users in house-hold tasks, i.e. table-setting, meals preparation and distribution, writing and reading;
• Accompanying users with difficulties while walking or moving on the wheel-chair or carrying out individual custom tasks: do the daily shopping, office commissions, etc.
• Coaching users in the acquisition and maintenance of defined skills (as computer skills, communication skills, etc.);

In the centres for children volunteers will collaborate in:
• Support in doing homework, studying and planning a study-method;
• Collaboration in the management of laboratories and planned activities: decorations, kitchen lab., curiosity&magazine lab., informatics lab., research on the territory;
• Active participation in team-meetings, planning and managing social integration activities;
• Participation in projects/experiences on the territory, elaborated by Margherita in partnership with municipalities, schools and/or other educational agencies (language lab, computer lab, cultural cooking, etc.).

Furthermore Volunteers will be involved in the promotion of social activities and the realization of media contents.

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

If interested please send your CV in the Europass form and your motivation letter to:
For German Applicants: marina.schulz@friedenskreis-halle.de
For Greek Applicants: info@nuestromundo.gr
For French Applicants: sve@cidj.com
Mail subject should be “EVS at Cooperativa Margherita”. You might be contacted for a personal interview and you will be contacted as soon possible when we will have the final decision.

The project is already approved and we urgently need applications. We will host only volunteers from Germany, France and Greece.

Link to the call on the EVS database with further details and info-pack: