EVS vacancy in Serbia

EVS Vacancy Find EVS 2IT-RS: ITalian volunteeRS promote active participation of disadvantaged youth

Location:; Knjazevac (Serbia)

Period: 01/09/2017 – 31/12/2017

Deadline: 30 June 2017

The Local Democracy Agency of Serbia is looking for 2 motivate italian volunteers to contribute to the atimulating activities of the Youth info point in Knjazevac helping Youth and promoting the Exchange of cultures

About the Hosting Organization

Centar lokalne demokratije LDA (further LDA http://www.lda-knjazevac.org ) was established in 2001 in Nis, Serbia, within the Council of Europe programme ”Local Democracy Agencies”. LDA became independent locally registered Srebian CSO in 2003. With the aim of spreading its program further on to the territories in need, in April 2014 LDA has moved its headquarters to Knjazevac, a city in South-Eastern Serbia.
LDA aims to contribute to development of local democracy in the communities of Eastern, Southern and Central Serbia thru capacity building programs based on the principles of active citizenship and establishment of concrete mechanisms of citizens’ participation in development of their communities. Our programs target local authorities, NGOs and cititezns, with a special focus on young people. Special emphasis in the work of LDA is being put on establishing and promoting trust-based relationships and cooperation with EU and partners from the Balkans in order to transfer good practices of active citizenship. This is also integrated into our youth programme and in that respect LDA has a long standing experience with YIA programme. Internationally LDA, as a statutory member, operates within the network of 13 Local Democracy Agencies/Centers gathered, alongside more than 150 members, NGOs and local authorities from more than 30 countries, in the Association of Local Democracy Agencies ALDA.
Young people are one of main target groups of LDA programs. From 2008 LDA has been running a special youth programme open to all youngsters interested in various non formal education programs tackling various themes, from human rights to youth unemployment. With reallocating its headquatters in May 2014, LDA moved on to implement its youth programme with youngsters with fewer opportunities (with economical and geographical obstacles). Regular activities include running a local voluntary youth info service that provides youth of Knjazevac with info on programmes and services that support their mobility and programme of informal education for young people implemented in the local youth center in Knjazevac.
Hosting EVS volunteers in LDA will enable young people from Knjazevac to get to know other cultures, meet their peers from other countries and gain some intercultural experience which they usually do not have the opportunity to gain.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

Volunteers will be engaged in the activities within LDA’s Youth program, implemented in the Youth Corner – YC (city’s youth centre), so in addition to LDA main office, they will be able to use facilities of YC as well. YC is a newly founded place for youth of Knjaževac where youth can meet, spend time, develop their own initiatives and implement various projects in cooperation with other CSOs and local institutions. It has been named “Youth Corner” because it is located on the corner of two streets, on the halfway between the two high schools. YC premises, app 40 m2 ,are furnished with club tables and seats. The space can be easily adapted and used for various purposes – workshop space, as a gallery space, a place for meetings of young activists or just hanging out place for youth. YC gathers regularly about 15 young activists and 20 more on the occasion of special activities/actions.
The volunteers will closely work with people working on LDA youth programme, where they will have the opportunity to cooperate with regular LDA collaborators from partner NGOs, institutions and local volunteers in YC. This will provide the possibility for volunteers to learn more about the specific issues of our local community and the specific position of the local youth. According to their interest, volunteers will be involved as beneficiaries of the trainings and programmes that will be organized by LDA and other NGOs for youth in YC.
Specifically, EVS volunteers will be involved in our local voluntary youth info service – Info Point Knjazevac (www.facebook.com/ITKLDA ) – service providing youth of Knjazevac with info about programmes and services supporting youth mobility and activism. EVS volunteers will join a group of 5 local volunteers running this service in gathering and distributing (on line and through public presentations) aforementioned information to young people from Knjazevac. Each EVS volunteer will be further supported in learning about his/her tasks within the local voluntary youth info service by the mentor already working in Info point Knjazevac. Tasks of EVS volunteers at the beginning will be adjusted to the fact that they are still not familiar with local language so EVS volunteers will work only on on-line researching and gathering information relevant to be published on the FB page of Info point Knjazevac. Later on, when they get to know the language better, they will also join the team of local volunteers in presenting gathered information to the youth of Knjazevac.

Further to this, if interested, each EVS volunteer will also have the possibility to implement their own ideas either by enriching some already existing LDA youth activities in the Youth corner (mainly implemented through the regional platform for youth participation and dialogue http://www.alda-balkan-youth.eu/ ) or develop and implement, with the support of LDA staff and volunteers and YC youth, completely new activity.
Every time when that is relevant and possible, we will involve the volunteer in the meetings LDA has with local partners and stakeholders. In this way the volunteer will get the chance to gain more complete insight into the work we do while developing sense of belonging to LDA team.
Once a week LDA and partner organizations involved with the YC have regular meetings where staff discuss the work done during the past week and plan the next one. Volunteer will take active part in these meetings since that will be the space for contributing to the quality of our work and developing their own ideas.
In terms of learning opportunities, while taking part in proposed activities volunteers will have the possibility to advance their organizational, networking, communicational and intercultultural skills. During language classes they will be able to learn basics of local language.

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

There are two available places for long term EVS volunteers.
The project will start in September 2017 and finish in December 2017 (4 months of activity).
Interested volunteers has to send their CV in English (Europass Format) and a motivational letter to evs@cooperativamargherita.org within the 30th June 2017.
Please state in the object of the email EVS LDA Serbia.

Only Italian Volunteers accepted
Full info pack at: http://www.cooperativamargherita.org/europa/evs/english-sve-in-serbia-programma-giovani-e-promozione-della-mobilita/