EVS vacancy in Turkey

Turkey call for EVS project vacancyVolunTEA 2

Location: Gaziantep/Turkey

Period: 01/06/2017 – 31/12/2017

Deadline 12 May 2017

Gaziantep previously and still informally called Antep, is a city in southeast Turkey and among the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The city is located 185 kilometres (115 mi) northeast of Adana and 97 kilometres (60 mi) north of Aleppo, Syria. The city has two urban districts under its administration, Şahinbey and Şehitkamil. It is the sixth most populous city in Turkey. Population is approximately 1.5 million and its metropolitan municipality.

As a regional crossroads, Gaziantep is a vibrant centre of trade and industry and, is a major manufacturer of Turkish exports. Indeed, Gaziantep is Turkey’s third largest exporter of textiles and foodstuffs. The city has a wide transportation network, including an international airport, railway station and links to major motorways. Gaziantep hosts 3 universities and 16 hospitals. The largest park in the city stretches 5km along the Alleben Stream.
The local state provides theatre or cultural events almost everyday in the culture centre. There are 6 big movie centres and also lots of bars, cafés and clubs in the city.
Although the news on the television related with Syrian refugees, Gaziantep is the most safe city in the area due the city has the biggest military base in the region by Turkish Armed Forces and United States Armed Forces.
Local community is very friendly and open to foreigners. They are used the see foreign on the street since 3-5 years. Gaziantep has lots of foreign students due from 3 universities located in the city and 7 different accredited EVS organisations.
Also, the members of the organisation are open to work with foreign people because we are used to organise and attend activities at international level and our members are motivated for intercultural cooperation.


As we are planning to organise Pre-Departure Trainings for EVS Volunteers who are going to abroad, we are also well prepared to organise comprehensive orientation meeting with the volunteer at the beginning of their activities. During this meeting, we will analyze the volunteers’ expectations, fears and learning dimension.
In the same time, we will be providing and presenting the possibilities of the organisation for the volunteers’ learning process. The volunteers will have following learning outcomes depending on their activities and the level of their involvement in the activities;
-Background, principles and methods of civil society and youth work -Team work skills
-Organisational skills
-Communication skills
-Initiative skills -Entrepreneurship -Language skills -Cultural awarenessCultural knowledge
-Artistic skills
-Administrative skills and knowledge -Social awareness
-Understanding of civil society and social responsibility
-Required information, skills and attitude for implementation of a social campaign/project -Financial awareness
-Media tools skills
-Experience with office supplies
-Experience with computing and related IT knowledge and skills
-Rules, principles and all related information on Youth in Action Programme
We will also offer the volunteers to take a responsibility in the organisation’s logistic part if they want to learn more about NGO management and organisational skills.


We will inform to EVS volunteers about accomodation later.
We pay the food money to EVS volunteers in fortnightly.
Pocket Money
We pay pocket money to EVS volunteers in fortnightly.
Working Days
EVS volunteers will work 5 days every week. (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).
They have 2 days off per week. Also, for every month they have 2 extra monthly basis free days. They can use monthly basis free days together in any period of the project.
Language Support
We consider language support as the biggest tool for Professional and social integration of EVS volunteers in the community and hosting organisation. Therefore, we provide 6 hours of Turkish lesson per week with a professional teacher.
Please click to download Practical Turkish Lesson which will
help you practice before your EVS Project.
Your Host Organization will nominate a personal Mentor for you. It is very helpful to have somebody nearby, with a good understanding of your situation and ready to give persona advice and support.

About the Hosting Organization

Aims & Objectives:
The association was established to enable and develop the youth information and youth works on 16th July, 2013. We are aiming to establish new partnerships with individuals and organizations which are working in this field, take responsibility to be executive and develop their activities which will be implemented via cultural, sport and art activities.
Organisation directs its work mainly towards the target group consisted of especially socially and economically disadvantaged young people aged 15–30.
Activists with the following aim(s);
– Supporting personal and social development of young people
– Promoting active citizenship and democracy among the society
– Encouraging young people to take initiative and participate in democratic life…

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy


We organise local cultural, sport and art activities with a vision of youth inclusion and social awareness. The volunteers will participate social projects below and they will have different tasks depending on the projects.
Planning the week
Arts & Culture events, courses – indoor (theatre, short movie, music, photography etc.) Helping young people for their language skills, learning from other cultures
Helping young people during their art workshops (theatre, short movie, music, photography etc.) Helping young people to learn how to take a photo and make a short movie (outdoor activity) Turkish Language Course
Helping young people during their art workshops (theatre, short movie, music, photography etc.) Youth Meeting with other NGOs and Volunteers
Weekly open information meetings on European Opportunities for Young People
Information in the office, Special Youth Information and Counseling Visiting different schools and university departments for youth information Turkish Language Course
Social networking and preparation of newsletters
Helping young people for their language skills, learning from other cultures Evaluation

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Send your application to: info@yinfo.org.tr