2 EVS vacancies in Bulgaria for volunteers from Greece and Germany

Bulgaria EVSКЪЩА Creative Hub ||| Co-working space for culture, education and social activities


Period: 01/06/2017 – 01/12/2017

Deadline 25 May 2017

2 VACANCIES! Two volunteers from Greece and Germany will get an insight into “КЪЩА (House) Creative Hub / co-working space for culture, education and social activities” (in short КЪЩА) in Sofia, Bulgaria, for a period of 6 months (June-December 2017). They will take part of all activities in the КЪЩА and will support the team in the dynamic processes of governing the space.

About the Hosting Organization

“Fools on the hill” Association is a non-profit organization, established in October 2011 that works in the field of art and culture, supporting Youth in Bulgaria, helping the personal artistic development of young people and boosting emerging artists. We are a team of Bulgarian young people trying to make creative ideas go to live. We are passionate about developing ideas connecting people, creating communities, changing habits. Our aim is to realize own independent projects in the field of contemporary dance, public art, urban art, site-specific art, visual arts, social projects etc. We organize all types of events such as workshops, training programs, forums, dance classes, discussions, initiatives related to the environment that surrounds us, performances, flash mobs and more; communicates and collaborates with artists and artistic organizations from different countries such as South Korea, USA, Austria, Greece, Germany, France. The Association is a co-founder of Art Residence Center – HOUSE Creative Hub in Sofia, Bulgaria – a co-working space for young artists, creative people, artistic and social organizations, build entirely in order to provide professional conditions and inspiring atmosphere for the work of young artists from Bulgaria and around the world; to support all possibility of cooperation between them; to foster emerging artists and collectives; to tolerate and accelerate sharing experience, innovation, knowledge and creative ideas.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

We plan activities such as:
– Participate in staff meetings (time, which discusses how will occur the day, week, share new ideas and opportunities for their realization)
– Programming and coordination of the monthly program of events, rehearsals and activities in КЪЩА Creative Hub
– Active participation in social initiatives for the care of urban space (Mobile workshop, Service for benches, Factory for Urban Art)
– Participation in the organization of events in КЪЩА (discussions, workshops, performances, creative initiatives, choreographic series, etc.).
– Communication with international partners and expanding partner network of КЪЩА Creative Hub
– Maintenance of social networks and contacts of КЪЩА, through articles and publications
– Inclusion in interviews video clips and photos related to the promotion of КЪЩА Creative Hub, ERASMUS +, and EVS
– Work on your own mini project in the field of culture, education and social activities, supported by House Creative Hub
– Participation in planning and devising innovative events that can be realized in КЪЩА on various topics affecting different areas and target groups.
– Participation with the rest of КЪЩА team in the cleaning day – once a week.
– Participation with the rest of КЪЩА team and volunteers from Bulgaria in the refreshment spaces and the opening of the garden for the spring-summer period (painting, disposal of waste materials, bull near the house, cleaning the garden, lighting installation and making the garden a pleasant space for outdoor activities)
– Presentation of EVS service in the end of the stay of volunteers representing the experience, skills and vision for their future.
– Proposals to deal with a little ghetto near КЪЩА
– Inclusion in the “Photocorps”

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Our e-mail is: atomtheatre@gmail.com > Send us an e-mail with your CV and motivation to take part of the project. Please include in your CV your facebook account (if you have one) as well a facebook page, website or blog of yours.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/KUSHTAcreativehub/?fref=ts