EVS vacancy in Hungary for volunteers from select countries

EVS Vacancy Find EVS 2Long-Term EVS Volunteer for Youth Center in Hungary – Age of hope

Location: Kaposvár, Hungary

Period: 03/09/2017 – 03/07/2018

Deadline: 30 June 2017

Would you like to work and travel abroad for 10 months in Hungary? We need totally 15 volunteers from Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Romania, Estonia,Bulgaria, Italy, Netherland and Lithuania to come and do a long-term (12 months) EVS project in Kaposvár, Hungary.

The volunteers will help in all of our activities. Each will assist according to their skills and experiences. For example, those who are good at art will help with creative elements and those who are good with computers with technological tasks; everyone can bring something different to the project!

About the Hosting Organization

Compass Egyesület has been established in 2005, and we are working with Youth In Action (now: Erasmus+) program since 2006.
From that time we hosted more, than 450 foreigner EVS volunteers, and sent abroad 70. In Hungary we are the biggest NGO in EVS hosting. Right now; we host 4 EVS volunteers together, and coordinating 17 other volunteers at the same time.
Our main aim is to involve the local community to the local, regional and international activities, to gain & to improve their skills and competences, to show them a different way of learning; Life Long Learning which is based on non-formal education.
We believe, to reach self-development, people need to experience what volunteering means and they need to try themselves in different kind of programs and activities.
For this reason we bring the people opportunities. Opportunities to travel; in 2015 we have been partners and sent different local groups to 60 youth exchanges, seminars and training courses. We believe, by working at our NGO not only the local community will gain knowledge, experiences and enrich their life, but the EVS volunteer, the coordinators and all people involved in the process.
We have a Key Competence program, a chart specialized for what we are doing here, during an EVS.
Our NGO is well known about the spirit of teamwork! It is the great example of living and working together with many different cultures and nations. When someone is applying for an EVS place at Compass, he/she needs to commit: to join the biggest and greatest international Family of Hungary!
Currently we are the most active and successful NGO in the entire country, and we are the only doing social work in our county/region. (Hungary is divided for 19 counties).
Compass Organization is located in south-west Hungary near the Croatian border. The capital, Budapest is 200 km away, and it takes about 3 hours to get there by train or bus.
We are very lucky, to be located in the same county with the Lake Balaton, which is the largest lake in Central Europe! It takes 50 minutes drive from Kaposvár.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

– The volunteers will hold language clubs for the students of the town in the 2 main offices and also in local schools. In the office we work in two shift, from 8 am to 4pm and from 10 am to 18 pm from Monday till Friday. We organize language clubs in various languages depending on the nationality and language abilities of our current volunteers. For example, if a volunteer comes from France they will offer French lessons. These lessons are not like school lessons but more like conversation clubs and cultural exchanges on non formal way. – Volunteers will also have Hungarian lessons to develop their language knowledge.
– Volunteers will visit schools to attend classes, hold presentations about projects and give information about opportunities provided by the European Union and about their culture. Volunteers will try to keep in contact with teachers and students in the schools so as to establish relationships with them. In this way little by little both Hungarians and volunteers can learn from each other. Volunteers can attend language lessons in schools to help language teachers to motivate students and involve them in activities. They can hold presentations about their country, hometown, culture and their project.
Volunteers attend kindergarden to hold creative, sport activities with kids.
Our main aim is to integrate Hungarians to the European Union, promote voluntarism. We take part and organise many local cultural sport activities. Running competitions, Painter’s Festival, Theatre Biennale
We do activities with minorities, visit disadvantaged areas. Cultural presentations, creative, sport activities.
– Volunteers will attend and help us with all our events. For example, if we go to an exhibition we will put up our stand and promote our programs together.
– Volunteers will take photographs and videos of events and edit them afterwards.
– Volunteers will help us with administration tasks such as making documents and events and registering everything.
– Volunteers will have to write a monthly report in which they give information about what they have done together with pictures of their activities.

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

If you are interested, please send a CV and a cover letter written in English to evs@compassegyesulet.hu. Short listed candidates will have a Skype interview with one of our International EVS coordinators.

This project is open to volunteers from Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Romania, Estonia,Bulgaria, Italy, Netherland and Lithuania between the ages of 17-30 years old. A basic level of English is useful as the language of the office is English. Previous volunteering experience will be looked on favourably but is not essential. We are looking for open-minded, outgoing and friendly volunteers who are happy to work with a team of international and local volunteers on a variety of projects.