EVS vacancy in Hungary for German volunteer

EVS vacancy Find EVS 5EVS in a Youth Center/school in Hungary for German volunteers

Location: Nagyvazsony, Hungary

Period: 01/09/2017 – 31/08/2018

Deadline: 15 June 2017

Fekete Sereg ist looking for a motivated volunteer to help in the school and youth center of Nagyvazsony for underpriviliged youth and roma children.

About the Hosting Organization

The Fekete Sereg Youth Association was founded in 1997 and is mainly composed by young aged between 13 and 30, living in Nagyvázsony and in the Vázsony-valley in Hungary.
The association’s duty is to represent the interest of the young living in the village at regional, national and international level. Our village is situated in the rural area. The target groups of our association are diverse: students, unemployed ones, minorities (roma), disadvantaged and handicapped people etc.
Our mission is to give the youth of the village possibilities to spend their free time by doing useful activities, to support bottom-up initiatives of the young living in the village. Our aim is also to give the same possibilities to our youngsters as others have in the European Union. We collaborate with municipalities, foundations, other regional, national and international organisations, experts and other people supporting youth.

We usually organize local, regional, national, international events, trainings, youth exchanges, study visits, seminars. Fekete Sereg is an accredited European Voluntary Service hosting, sending and coordinating association.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

Task of the volunteers for 30 hrs/week (6 hrs/day) for the following activity:

Organise and take part in different regular workshops for several communities in Nagyvázsony and the surroundings (local school, kindergarten, youth clubs, youth centres):
– ukulele
– drawing, painting
– board games
– outdoor games
– language clubs (English, German, French)
– be an assitent of German and French language teacher (in Nagyvázsony, Balatonfüred and Veszprém)

Organise and realise local programes with the association and the local volunteers:
– Voluntary Day: an event with ex-EVS volunteers sent by Fekete Sereg, sharing experiences
– Conference on youth entrepreneurship: one big event with presentations and workshops
– Cleaning the stream: one day activity to try to keep our Séd stream clean
– Nation Days: Organise and realise one day of the week as an ‘international day’

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Please download our EVS Bewerbungsbogen für IJGD Berlin on http://www.ijgd.de/auslands-dienste/ab-6-monate/europaeischer-freiwilligendienst-evs.html and send it back per Email to ifd.berlin@ijgd.de a.s.a.p.