EVS vacancy in Italy for volunteer from Croatia

Italy EVS vacancy Find EVS 1MOVE – Mobility Oriented to Volunteering and Empowerment

Location: Bologna, Italy

Period: 01/09/2017 – 31/08/2018

Deadline: 30 November 2017

We are looking for a Croatian volunteer for our 12 months project at Centro Sociale Montanari, based in Bologna, Italy. It is an innovative and alternative social center and the project is about Creativity and Culture, Intercultural/intergenerational education and (lifelong)learning, Social Inclusion

About the Hosting Organization

“MOVE” aims to promote mobility and transnational volunteering as non-traditional form of emancipation and learning, aimed in particular at young people with fewer opportunities will be directly or indirectly involved, in order to obtain a better knowledge of the active role that they can play in the communities of origin, and more generally in society, for a transition to adulthood and the responsibilities that this entails, more harmonious and conscious.

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The EVS volunteers will be hosted in Bologna (about 400.000 inhabitants), capital of the Emilia-Romagna region. Bologna is famous for its university dimension and it hosts the oldest European university that with its 90.000 students contributes to make the city a lively cultural and intercultural forge. Bologna is very open to youths and it offers a lot in term of personal growth and cultural activities.
The volunteers will be actively embedded in this multiethnic and stimulating environment by exploiting the activities and the network of contacts of Centro Sociale Montanari. This will enable them to approach this context and act as protagonists thus making the most of the unique opportunity of the EVS. This close contact with the local community and the active participation in volunteering, informative and formative activities carried out by the center will widely enhance the growing possibility for the volunteers.
The Montanari Centre is following these aims:
– To promote and stimulate intergenerational integration, to prove the usefulness of mutual exchanges between generations by
involving individuals of different ages in their initiatives and activities;
– To run, by means of its activities, a true cultural, entertainment, research and educational output from which the entire local community will benefit (schools, associations, individual citizens)
– To offer new models of old age, by sharing a new culture of old age, understood as a positive age, a period that is resourceful and full of opportunities;
– To maintain elderly people’s sensorial, linguistic, creative, intellectual and DIY skills through adapted activities and initiatives;
– To support the local community in promoting and valuing the knowledge, the values and practical abilities of elderly people, in an open-minded and inclusive logic with local communities;
– To promote an idea of active ageing, emphasizing the importance of contact between people of different age and culture;
– To promote intercultural and intergenerational solidarity in order to fight social isolation and allienation and to build an active, responsible kind of citizenship made through dedicating one’s own time to the others and to the community;
– To create educational paths with a view to catching elderly people’s (and not only) interest in cultural, entertainment, socializing and exchange activities;
– To value intergenerational relations, by creating moments and initiatives in order to rebuild social ties and maintain- as far as possible- the ties with one’s land, by emphasizing individual resources and those of the community.
Activities are connected with this aims, according with the preferences and need of the volunteer. Volunteers needs to bring his/her own laptop.
All together, volunteers will develop some common projects (supported by the mentor), for example the VIDEO about MOVE, radio interviews, public language tandems, public events…
All volunteers have the responsibility to contribute to the visibility of the project and of the Erasmus+ programme

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Please send your CV and ML (in English or Italian) to evs@you-net.eu


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