EVS vacancy in Italy for volunteers from France and Portugal

EVS Vacancy Find EVS 4MOVE – Mobility Oriented to Volunteering and Empowerment

Location: Budrio (Bologna) – Italy

Period: 01/10/2017 – 30/09/2018

Deadline: 1 October 2017

We are looking for 2 volunteers, one from France, one from Portugal for a 12 months EVS project, based in Budrio (close to Bologna). The project is about Creativity and Culture, Art and Theatre, Rural Development, organisation of events, promotion of art and culture between young people.

About the Hosting Organization

“MOVE” aims to promote mobility and transnational volunteering as non-traditional form of emancipation and learning, aimed in particular at young people with fewer opportunities will be directly or indirectly involved, in order to obtain a better knowledge of the active role that they can play in the communities of origin, and more generally in society, for a transition to adulthood and the responsibilities that this entails, more harmonious and conscious.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

Budrio is a small Municipality close to Bologna 15 minutes by train.
The project includes the involvement of volunteers in the cultural activities of the Municipality of Budrio, with particular attention to those related to the Theatre Consortium, the Water Towers, the Ocarina Museum, to the Puppet and cured initiatives by the Department of Youth Policy, in order to develop stronger relationships and dynamics between the different cultural initiatives of Budrio, including educational institutions, and promote cultural initiatives for citizenship, with particular attention to young people. Promotional activities will be organized, such as cultural events, courses, workshops, exhibitions, book presentations, guided tours offered by the municipality of Budrio, including through social networks and websites of the Municipality in collaboration with the Communication Group (composed by local youth). The project will be organized with an initial period of non- formal education and knowledge of the multiple possibilities of cultural production in the area, to allow the volunteers to acquire the skills needed in a concrete autonomous contribution. Among the various activities that can be undertaken, volunteers will be also involved in theatrical activities at schools or activate language in art workshops at the library involving children and young people of the Municipality.
Also, being in contact with the local people, volunteers can be totally immerse in the Italian and local culture, learning customs, traditions and uses.
Previous experience in the field of entertainment, communication and some technical knowledge about Theatre, would also give us an interesting opportunity for sharing best practices. Volunteers needs to bring his/her own laptop
All together, volunteers will develop some common projects (supported by the mentor), for example the VIDEO about MOVE, radio interviews, public language tandems, public events…
All volunteers have the responsibility to contribute to the visibility of the project and of the Erasmus+ programme

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Please send your CV and ML (in English or Italian) to evs@you-net.eu


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