EVS vacancy in Ukraine

EVS vacancy Find EVS 5KRÖDÉ

Location: Beregszasz, Ukraine

Period: 04/09/2017 – 22/07/2018

Deadline: 31 July 2017

KRÖDÉ is looking for ways to stand out from the crowd: to help, to do something useful by involving young adults into this mission. This voluntary program provides opportunities to travel abroad, to help others and to develop yourself, while serving God in a community where help and cheerful volunteers are really needed.

We are currently looking for 4 volunteers, who may choose among our working opportunities:
• Visiting, food delivering for the elderly;
• Children any youth work;
• Roma mission;
• Disabled children and family typed children homes;
• Administrative work.

About the Hosting Organization

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Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

1. Work with children
In the town there are about one thousand children who can register for religious education but only five hundred children have done so. This is a challenge and to make progress they need much patience, strength, love and most of all God’s blessings. Different programs are organized regularly to reach these children and their parents…
Once a month the church workers with some volunteers gather all the children of the town – regardless of their religious denomination – for a program, where a child can truly be a child, where the social and economic state of the family is irrelevant. They do this because unfortunately in many such families the question is What shall we eat today? or What shall we heat with? These children, unfortunately, cannot dream about things like pencil, paper, glue, etc. which are absolutely natural for a child in a normal society.
Christian families of the congregation offered their homes to our helpers and teachers of religious education for gathering children from the neighbourhood. They try to teach them some Bible stories and provide a playful introduction of God’s Word.
They would like to bring children who have already joined the life of the congregation nearer to “the Large Congregation”. Sunday services are begun together with them and before the sermon they go out to one of the vestries for the so-called children’s service. Teachers of religious education recount the sermon to the children in a simplified version.
Experience from the previous year has convinced them that collective programs for children are very important. The programs are the same as in other Christian day camps.
– Christmas events
– Bible costume carnivals
– Meeting for the youngest and their mothers
2. Work with the youth
Programs for the youth are organized in different age groups from the age of 12 till 30. Besides the regular youth group meetings where they can meet in smaller group with their counterparts to discuss their everyday life in the light of God, a lot of outdoor programs and fun activities are also organized for them.
The youth church in Beregszász attracts many young people from the city, and they provide a wide range of activities in the church:
• Church service for the youth
• Youth quire
• Invisible theatre
• Youth meetings (weekends here and abroad;)
• A team who prepares ‘Love-feast’ for special events
3. Work with adults
Besides the regular congregation meetings in the church there are several diaconal programs done among the adults:
. visiting the sick
. delivering food
. holding support gatherings for abusers of alcohol or tobacco
. clubs for the elderly
. meals and medicine for the needy: there are lots of people in the town who
are crippled or ill. Thanks to this program they get warm meal three times a
. open-air programs for members of the congregation building up a big family
As you see there are a number of options for voluntary service, you will have the possibility to try yourself out in different areas and find out which you can and want to do the better.
Tasks of the volunteer
The tasks of a volunteer in the community (about 30/35h a week) cover the following:
• helping with the work among the kids, youth during different events (during bible lessons, crafts, weekend and camps) both with language knowledge and organizing programs for them.
• taking part in organising programs for the youth.
• distributing meals to the elders and needy people.
• visiting the sick and the poor, helping them around the house . There is a person who is responsible for this part of work in the community. A volunteer could help him in this part of diaconal work first physically (while there is a language barrier), later with some chatting as well.

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Send your CV and motivation letter (no more than one A4 page) in
English to doktorviktoria1@gmail.com
Make sure you have a sending organisation.

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