EVS vacancy in Romania for volunteers from Germany, France and Italy

EVS in RomaniaBuilding Our Story

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Period: 01/09/2017 – 01/03/2018

Deadline: 5 August  2017

Are you from Germany, France or Italy? Do you like to empower other people to get involved in society? Then come to Romania! If you want a challenge that will change your life, 6 months in Bucharest will surely do it.

4 years ago we started our EVS adventure by applying for the first EVS project, Knowledge Builders. We hosted 18 volunteers in the last years and now we are looking for the next 6! This time a new story will be written. By you. By the community you will work with. By us. A story about why is it important to be active in society, which will be turned into reality in a very intensive 6 months Service in Bucharest, Romania.

Aim: Empower European volunteers to become facilitators of social change and contribute to the social inclusion of Romanian young people with fewer opportunities by sustainably increasing their participation in society, focusing on the development of critical thinking, tolerance and socio-civic skills.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

A. Civic engagement activities for young people

Plenty of activities to choose from! Starting from the launch of a Community Agents Programme for 50 high-school students, organising “Town Hall US-style” meetings, simulating the local council through the YMCA Youth Parliament method, developing a digital Community Involvement Toolkit, to workshops and much more.

B. Workshops for institutionalised children

Every week you will have the choice of organising small workshops with groups of 2-6 children or young people who are institutionalised and live in state-owned apartments, with the aim of developing their critical thinking skills and tolerance towards cultural diversity.

C. Personal project

You will be encouraged to develop an individual personal project that is unique to you, to your passions and interests. You choose the community, the methods, the idea and the solutions! Of course, as long as it fits the aim of the whole EVS project.

D. Online awareness

We live in a world where one tweet or one video can change lives. And civic engagement comes easier when you also use digital tools, so the project will put a strong emphasis on video-blogging and using social media to raise awareness and engage.

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Please visit the Call for Applications at http://www.younginitiative.org/evs-call-2017/ and fill the online application form. Only the online applications will be considered.

We STRONGLY advise candidates to read the official call on our website, which offers a lot of details related to the project and answers many questions from the beginning: http://www.younginitiative.org/evs-call-2017/

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