EVS vacancy in Albania for volunteers from Poland

EVS w Albanii, PVN – Against marginalization

Location: Tirana, Albania

Period: 01/09/2017 – 01/07/2018

Deadline: 23 July 2017

We want to carry out this project to provide opportunities for young people from Poland. This EVS project will support young people’s development in the Tirana communities by raising awareness and providing opportunities to learn from other young people about active citizenship, entrepreneurship, employment, social inclusion, human rights, interculturalism, outdoor and sport activities, Europe, Erasmus+ and about the country and culture of Ireland. The young people of both countries will have opportunities to engage with and to learn from each other. The EVS volunteers will learn about youth work in Albania from PVN, learn from the young people about Albanian culture and their lives, develop presentation and communication skills and the interactions will promote language learning.

About the Hosting Organization

Projekte Vullnetare Nderkombetare ( International Voluntary Projects) (PVN) is a non profit organization founded in 2005. It is an organization that promotes peace through voluntary work and exchanges volunteers all over the world. It is part of the Service Civil
International (SCI) network and shares the same aims and values: living and working together with the people of different
backgrounds helps volunteers to break down the barriers and prejudices.
The aim of PVN is to develop youth mobility and promote diversity through intrecultural exchange. The key objectives of PVN are :
– Exchange activities between participants from all over the world such as: international workcamps, trainings in Albania and abroad, youth exchange, street action, short & long term youth projects , seminars, workshops (non formal learning projects on Human Rights, Non violent communication, voluntary work, etc.
– National and international long term projects with young people, categories in need and environmental issues. We work a lot we schools and local community in Albania in the most relevant topics such as human rights, non violent communication, inter-cultural exchanges, discrimination, conflict resolution etc.
– EVS and Long Term Voluntary services, sent and host young people every year
– Local or community actions, community based activities for supporting categories in need and environmental issues. Our main target groups are young people who want to increase their capacities, take part in trainings, youth exchanges, make
internships etc.
– Young people
– Categories in need such as young people with disabilities and fewer opportunities, we organize with them self development activities, support for daily care, information sections for them and their relatives etc.
– Students and teachers of the elementary and highs schools, as well as universities

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

Some of the main planed tasks are:
– Organize information sections and English support for pupils in 7 Schools of Vaqarri and Ndroqi on NVC, discrimination and human rights issues. The working language in Albanian but there will be translation by local coordinator and volunteers.
The activities will be coordinated by the local coordinator and supported by EVS volunteers and around 10 local volunteers. All the team will be trained in advance how to work in the schools and what methodology to use. PVN has prepared a manual for activities in the schools as guidance about the topics and methods, anyway EVS volunteers could add any thing they feel is productive. Every week the team has joint preparation and twice a month the team has meeting and support by the supervisor.
– Promote and support the Cultural and Artistic Center in Tirana where young people come and practice artistic and cultural skills, the volunteers will help them to inform about the services and guide them how to use the services of the center.
EVS will help inter-cultural and social activities such as inter cultural events, movies, shows etc. They will present their culture, also will have contacts of other EVS in Tirana and organize common intrecultural events in the center. There is space for creativity, making up-cycling, involving students of the schools etc. EVS volunteers will be supported by the coordinator of the center and around 3 local volunteers in charge of it.
– Organize education, integration and entertainment activities with people with fewer opportunities ( roma and egyptians), people with sensory, physical and mental disabilities:
*Minorities and Refugees: Volunteers will organize integration and entertainment activities with Roma and Egyptians kid and young people: workshops on the human rights, social inclusion, playing games together, exchanging experiences, informing them about involvement in voluntary activities etc.
* Disability: Volunteers will work with sensory and moving impairments, and they will plan of the work with some intellectual disabilities ( kids and youth). – learning by doing activities, playing theater, having a walk, watching any video, doing handcraft, recycling helping their daily needs ( orientations, clothing ).
– Promoter of EVS and voluntary activities, volunteering values , at Universities of Tirana by visiting each university once a week by open discussions and delivering informative materials
– Placement for incoming and outgoing in international workcamps and administrative issues
– Prepare promotional materials and trainings: promotional package, posters, leaflets, flayers, press release etc.
– Organize local community awareness raising actions in city of Tirana, in Vaqarri and Ndroqi villages:
*oganizing cleaning sessions (as cleaning the city, cleaning forests, etc.)
* local street campaigns to raise public awareness and responsibility on environmental problems.
*Workshop about reuse and recycling
– Teaching languages, mostly local inhabitants (the classes willbe open for youngsters and adults) to rise their chances to find a job

The EVS volunteers will not be limited only of activities mentioned above, they can help in other activities or administrative issues in the office. Can take part in work camp preparation and assisting placement officer during work camps. Also EVS volunteers will have space and encouraged to bring ideas, activities on social, cultural and environment fields.
Activities that volunteers could create:
– New topics and methods with elementary and high schools
– Collect artistic works and design for publishing
– Collect pictures and videos in each school
– Contact new partners and designing projects, initiatives, actions etc

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Volunteers profile
The position will suit those young people who are interested in volunteering in and learning skills and building competencies in the following areas:
– Human rights issues, voluntarism, non-violent communication
– Animation skills to organize activities with children and young people in the local community and local school
– Promotion and communication
– Learning about new cultures and intercultural exchange and dialogue, non-formal learning
– Coordination and communication skills

We are open for candidates:
– Age above 25
– Some voluntary experiences

If you are Polish and you are interested in this EVS project please send your CV and cover letter in English to natalia.podbielska@frsp.eu untill 23rd of July 2017

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