Short term EVS in Ukraine for 6 volunteers from Lithuania, Romania and Poland

Short-term EVS in Ukraine, Zoom your summer

Location: Sumy, Ukraine

Period: 07/08/2017 – 30/09/2017

Deadline: 26 july 2017

We are searching 2 Lithuanian, 2 Romanian and 2 Polish Volunteers to short term EVS project ” Zoom your Summer” in Sumy, in Ukraine. The project predict participation of 6 EVS volunteers (2 from each country).Activities will take place both at the NGO’s office and at different venues in Sumy:schools,nearest villages,partner organizations,youth centers. Volunteer work also will contain some part of digital work with Internet (activities connected with developing and promotion of web-pages).
After this short term EVS you are able to go to EVS one more time for not more than 10 months.

About the Hosting Organization

Center for Euroinitiatives (CEI) is a public nonprofit organization, created on the principles of voluntarily participation, human rights, freedom of speech, common interests, self-government and equality of rights for its members, as well as for the protection of our legal interests, rights, and freedoms, which aims at assisting the reformation of Ukraine in accordance with European standards,
introducing democratic values, and developing civil society in Ukraine using educational and informational methodologies.
Founded in 2008, and previously known as Center for European Initiatives, our organization is a team of experts in youth work with international experience, youth leaders, enthusiasts and volunteers.
Since its founding Center for Euroinitiatives has organized, hosted and taken part in numerous youth exchanges, training and seminars. The typical activities of our organization is developing educational programs for young people, directed toward leadership, tolerance, respect for human rights, and the awareness of democratic values; developing youth exchange programs
between the youth of Ukraine and youth of other countries with the purpose of eliminating stereotypes and developing multicultural dialog and collaboration; develop international exchange programs for representatives of different professional groups (teachers, journalists, public servants, businessmen, etc.) and their international colleagues with the purpose of exchanging ideas
and developing collaboration.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

These activities comprise:
-support and administration of school language camps,tent and stationary camps of Sumy
-assistance in organizing and conducting annual energy saving festival “Energyfest”
-PR-events ,support of the organization’s webpages and visibility in social networks
-orgnizing the local project “Humans of Sumy”, initiate sub-project “Kids of Sumy”
-conduct different activities with youth together with consulars such workshops,trainings,energizers,ice-breakers
-organize and conduct workshops in leadership,active citizenship,hand-crafts,European values, etc
-organize sport activities and free time for youth
-help maintain the tent camp(set tents,support on the kitchen,help with setting fire, etc.)
-involvement to development of the camps program

More concretely the activities will be:
1st week:
-Adaptation,introduction of work place,brainstorming of volunteers’ own ideas.Volunteers will get to know each other,HO,staff,mentors through a series of non-formal and formal events and meetings which will consist of acquaintance,team-building,cultural evening “From East to West” to understand better Ukrainian and European culture,traditions,national peculiarities,living and working conditions. Volunteers are welcomed to promote their culture through intercultural activities during their EVS.
-Preparation for schoolyard camps.Task is to find and conduct name games,ice-breakers,team building activities,prepare the possible tasks and quizes about EU countries,sport competitions,intellectual and entertainment activities for 21 schoolyard camps.
-creating the Google drive/Dropbox repository of the best materials/activities/games/quizzes available to 32 schools and gymnasia of Sumy and all their teachers and educators;
2nd week:
-creation,design,conduct of intellectual and sport city quest game:“Around the World in 80 Minutes” for 10 teams of rural kids 80 kids in total per day during 3 days;
-leading Language Schoolyard Summer Camps.Task is to prepare,conduct a course of 4 mixed language lessons English+ Polish/Romanian/Lithuanian/Portuguese 45-min. classes for 3 age groups:primary (9-11 y.ol.),secondary (12-13 y. o.),high (15-16 y. o.). The result will be a 6 language picture dictionary/calendar for 15 most active schools of Sumy, made till the 7th week;
-support and assist long-term EVS volunteers in organizing and conducting annual energy saving festival “Energyfest” made for citizens and guests of Sumy.
3rd week:
-creation, design of 1 training day(TD)“Being European”for 50 camp mixed-age participants aiming to promote European citizenship values,breaking stereotypes,develop capacity to defend personal point of view,enlarge knowledge about youth work,active citizenship,participation;raise awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries.TD is conducted 3 times for 150 youngsters in total;
-participation in City Game “Exploring Sumy” conducted by mentors,aiming to get better understanding of Ukrainian culture,breaking stereotypes;
-designing sport event“Health Suits you Best” in order to promote the healthy way of life,reducing generation gap for 30 kids and their 30 parents.
4-6th week:
-assistance in developing camps programs;
-work in tent or stationary camps: help conduct different activities with youth such sport games, workshops in leadership, active citizenship, handicraft, European values, etc.,energizers,ice-breakers, help in maintaining the camp;
-conduct language express courses;
-organize Kids Human Library “High Kids Altitudes” for 70 visitors.
7th week:
-organization, presentation of 3 days exhibition of sub-project “Little Humans of Sumy” for visitors of Sumy Regional Scientific Library.
8th week:
-Evaluation, working with Youthpass

More information in InfoPack:

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Participants profile:
The CEI is looking for 3 enthusiastic, energetic volunteers from each of 4 countries (Poland,Romania,Lithuania and Portugal) 12 in total,who are eager to learn, enjoy working with youth,full of creative ideas which can be realized through personal initiatives. Strong organizational skills are considered very useful as the ability to communicate in English, and be willing to get new skills. Moreover, the volunteers should feel comfortable living on their own, be able to show their ability to adapt to new situations, and have good problem solving skills.

We mainly look for volunteers interested in the issues of democracy, equality, diversity, with creative experiences, experience interested in health lifestyle and sport. They should show an appreciation of the European dimension, and show interest in sharing their values with the youth of Ukraine and other participating countries. Teaching language skills are welcomed. Preferably the applicants should be ready to share their culture and language and be interested in developing Ukrainian culture as well. In case if volunteers don’t have some needed skills they must be ready to get them with CEI help.

The participants who are planned to be involved in this project will be selected according to the following qualities and interests:
-in working with youth and is open to different cultures;
-experiance in organizing youth activities or is willing to acquire this skill;
-good oral and written communication skills in English;
-a creative mind and is able to initiate, develop and implement his/her own activity ideas.

If you are Lithuanian, Romanian or Polish, please send us your CV and motivation letter in English until 26th of July to

More info:

Travel arrangements:Each SO provide instructions about travel arrangements, guidance.When volunteers arrive to Ukrainian airport direct transport to the venue of the project will be booked by RO as well as back way.

Accommodation:RO CEI will ensure accomodation in flats not far from the city center and the office.Flats are located in the area with good infrastructure, transport connection.They’ll be accomodated in double rooms and share them with same gender participants.They’ll be provided with common areas (kitchen, bathroom). If they are involved in tent camps, they’ll be given the set of necessary equipment.In the case if they have to cross the short distance to the place of activities,they’ll be supplied by transport facilities. If they are involved into the stationary boarding camps,they’ll be supplied by double rooms and three-time meal per day. Each volunteer will receive month pocket money in amount of 59,00 EUR (118 for 59days).

Social security:SOs will provide volunteers with instructions of behavior and civil responsibility in the case of accidents. Before their arrival, they’ll be informed about basic safety rules of the country and the city.RO will elaborate a protocol to prevent risks and crises identifying possible dangers and persons in charge to solve them.Thus,volunteers,through mentors,will be duly advised of risks.They’ll receive the required information about places,situations of possible danger.The safe return of volunteers is number one priority of our project.

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