EVS vacancy in Czech Republic

Work with children and youth

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Period: 30/11/2017 – 31/05/2018

Deadline: 1 September 2017

We are looking for a young person interested in working with children and youth.

About the Hosting Organization

The House of Children and Youth of the capital Prague (in Czech “Dům dětí a mládeže hl. m. Prahy, currently referred to also as “DDM hl. m. Prahy” or “DDM HMP”) is the biggest and the longest existing fully open free time centre in Prague founded in 1950. Our organisation focuses on non-formal education and we help children, young people and also adults fulfil their leisure time with meaningful activities they not only enjoy doing, but which also help them to develop their key competences and deepen their interests and skills. Our organisation offers courses focused on art creation (art, musical, drama, dance etc.), scientific activities (technical, biological, chemical), sport and education.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

Assistance in the Center for Preschool children (direct pedagogical
activity with children 2.5 – 5 years) and assistance in the course according to the volunteer’s choice (art, science , sport or education)

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Send your CV and Motivation letter to pomoriski@ddmpraha.cz

More info:


EVS Application Enroll


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