EVS vacancy in Bulgaria for volunteers from Austria, Italy, Spain and Latvia

Media 4Youth

Location: Razlog, Bulgaria

Period: 01/09/2017 – 01/06/2018

Deadline: 1 September 2017

The current project will host 4 volunteers from 4 Programme countries (Austria, Italy, Spain and Latvia) who will do their voluntary activities in Razlog, Bulgaria for period of 9 months.

Partners have acknowledged the necessity of the planned activities as every partner will send one volunteer. As the voluntary service is not very common in Bulgaria and European Voluntary Service in particular the aim of the project is volunteers to work in the field of promoting and spreading information about EVS and Erasmus+ Programme among high school students, university students and youngsters. The promotion will be made by online methods and personal meetings in the high schools in the region and 4 universities in Bulgaria as well. Each volunteers will have more profound experience in some of the following fields (journalism, web design, video making, blogging (blogging)). The main task of the volunteers will be to reach as many youngsters as possible using modern technologies, social media and platforms for video sharing, which are popular among them. Every week one of the volunteer will train the other on his field of specialty. The volunteers will also conduct a research among the youngsters in the region of Razlog and Bulgaria regarding their spheres of interest and short videos on diverse topics will be produced for the youngsters and will be uploaded on platforms for video sharing (youtube, vimeo, Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, etc.). We think that the communication between the volunteers and the target group itself will motivate the representatives of the target group to change their worldview and the way of thinking and will show them the advantages that EVS and Erasmus+ programme offer. On the other hand the volunteers will be satisfied because they will be able to impact the students and youngsters for a better change in their lives. IIC team expects that the project will bring innovative ideas for future cooperation with the partner organisations, which on the other hand will bring more opportunities for the youngsters from the region of Razlog and the whole Bulgaria and Europe.

About the Hosting Organization

International Initiatives for Cooperation Bulgaria is a lovely organization located in Razlog. We are full of projects and we want to offer different opportunities to Young People around the world.

You can find more information: http://iicbg.org

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Developing the Social and Cultural media of the young people in Bulgaria

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