EVS vacancy in Romania

Actors of Change

Location: Arad, Romania

Period: 09/07/2017 – 04/07/2018

Deadline: 12 August 2017

Our long term objectives are:
– train 10 volunteers (2/country) and develop their competencies to organise non-formal activities
that will support our goal;
– to organise at least 8 local activities for promoting the true cultural values of Muslim refugees and
asylum seekers but also for promoting diversity in general;

About the Hosting Organization

O.T.I. Arad a) Year of establishment: 2008 b) head office: Arad. The organization has one branch in Draganesti-Olt and another one in Bucharest and medium-long term plans to open offices in many counties in Romania. c) purpose and objectives: promoting the interests of young people and adults (including those with fewer opportunities / special needs), mainly by solution of an educational, civic and social nature. To achieve the objectives, the organization intends to work with stakeholders in Romania and with partners in other countries, accessing European / international funding programs. Additionally, we intend to pursue the interests of youth workers and trainers involved in adult education seen as interests of a professional nature d) current activities: – Hosting transnational voluntary internships – Sending volunteers to transnational traineeships in the EU and in other parts of the world; – Civic and environmental education activities; – Social solidarity campaigns (blood donation and stem cells, to combat discrimination, to promote a healthy lifestyle, etc.).

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