EVS vacancy in Spain

Move and change the world: Education for development and social transformation.

Location: Pamplona, Spain

Period: 15/01/2018 – 15/12/2018

Deadline: 3 September 2017

SETEM Navarra is looking 1 volunteer to take parto to our daily activities in the city of Pamplona in North Spain. The volunteer will help us to raise awareness in our society about NorthSouth inequalities, to report their causes and promote social, individual and collective changes, to achieve a fairer and more solidary world.

About the Hosting Organization

SETEM Navarra-Nafarroa is a development and a volunteer-based NGO. SETEM is an organization whose goal is to raise awareness in our society about North-South inequalities, to report their causes and promote social, individual and collective changes, to achieve a fairer and more solidary world. We are 3 people working and about 15 volunteers. We have management experience in international volunteer programs. We have been organizing volunteer work programs in several Latin American countries with local organizations for more than 10 years and we have been receiving volunteers from the EVS program for 4 years. We believe that the experience of a stay as a volunteer in another country, another culture, another language is a mutual exchange experience bringing unique and irreplaceable knowledge, values and attitudes to both, the volunteer and the host organization.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

Activities the volunteers could be involved with and the activities the volunteers and the organization can create:
– Management of our Fairtrade shop and stalls in fairs;
– Managing the organization’s social medias;
– Participate in innovative proposals to promote Fairtrade in SETEM’s store and in the city itself. As creating windows display for the Fair-Trade shop, etc…
– Participate in meetings of the Fair-Trade Consortium, formed by a group of six organizations working Fairtrade in the city and organizing the World Fair Trade Day celebration.
– Participate in workshops and lectures in awareness on solidarity economy, responsible consumption and fair trade for the general public;
– Participation in the promotion of the Fair-trade coffee in the catering establishments of the city;
– Create Street actions with other young people involved;
– Once the volunteer knows the reality of the organization could make his or her project according to their knowledge, training profile, skills, etc. Within the framework of the project itself and according to EVS.

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

In order to apply for our vacancy, send us your CV, Motivation Letter (both in English) and any document you think relevant at: voluntariadosetemnavarra@gmail.com and fill in our form: https://goo.gl/forms/lUOqtWZFRWlGSDkn1

More info:

Although we have no clearly defined a profile these are some of the characteristics of people who would like to receive:
– People with concerns and interested in International Cooperation, Solidarity Economy and Fair Trade Responsible Consumption, Ethical Finance, the awareness campaigns and reporting on the causes of inequality between North and South.
– Active people with initiative who believe in building a different social model and willing to work for social transformation.
– Critical and reflective people, claiming fairer and more respectful models of the rights and identity of the “people of the south”.
-v It is not required any particular skill, but a responsible attitude, open mind and motivation for the day-to-day development activities.

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