EVS vacancy in Croatia

Long-term EVS placement in Croatia for two volunteers 02/2018-12/2018

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Period: 05/02/2018 – 05/12/2018

Deadline: 10 September 2017

We are looking for candidates from EU countries to participate in EVS project connected with organizing and conducting events in Croatia.

About the Hosting Organization

Life Potential is a non-profit organization which aims at developing potential of both – individuals and community as whole. We believe that the positive transformation comes from within every individual, and when the individuals connect, they can bring profound and lasting changes to community. The organization is active in personal development and online promotion of other non-profit organizations.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

1. Supporting the organization of the NGO program
– LP Café – events on personal development and youth work – http://lifepotential.org/lp-cafe/
– Volunteers will be actively involved in the organization and implementation of the High Five Festival – http://lifepotential.org/high-five-festival/
– Support for the implementation of public performance workshops

2. Support the development of digital campaigns of the NGO – volunteers will have a chance to learn how to create and manage digital campaigns for NGOs including Google Ad Words, social media advertising and e-mail marketing.They will be involved by helping with certain tasks and contributing with their creative ideas for campaigns development. This is the opportunity for volunteers to develop their digital competences.

3. Creating cultural events in English for students on Erasmus+ – organizing cultural events so that students can get to know the environment in which they are and adapt more easily

4. Activities of connecting with local NGOs – we will provide opportunities to get to know other NGOs active in fields of their interests and explore possibilities of connecting and cooperating with them.

5. Promoting volunteering – EVS volunteers will be in charge of part of PR related to projects for youth and promotion of volunteering. They will be keeping a blog about their volunteering experience and learning outcomes and they will promote the importance and value of volunteering through other media as well.

6. Personal projects – volunteers will have an opportunity to realize their own projects in the fields of their interests in order to develop their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and competences to learn, as well as other competences relevant to the specific projects.

7. Participation in everyday activities in the office and assistance in its maintenance

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

The project is open for young people aged 18-30 from EU countries, who are interested in the project topics and activities. The main criteria for the selection, is motivation to participate in this specific project.
In order to apply please sent your CV, motivation letter to info@lifepotential.org till 10th of September 2017 latest.
The shortlisted candidates will then be interviewed via Skype.

More info:

During the EVS volunteer will live in shared apartment with other volunteer.
Accommodation will have: bedrooms for volunteer, shared place for hang out, kitchen and bathroom.

Volunteers will have bicycles and locks for them.
As well, if we manage to get student tickets for public transportation, they will have tickets for trams/bus for whole year. If not, we will provide them with ticket for local tram/bus transport during the winter months.

EVS volunteers will receive the money monthly.
Every month they will have the 90 Euros of the pocket money and they will receive 150 Euros for food. Accommodation and living bills are covered by the project.
Budget for the travel depends on the volunteer’s country.

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