EVS vacancy in Georgia

Youth mobilization in rural areas

Location: Gori, Georgia

Period: 07/09/2017 — 07/09/2018

Deadline: 23 August 2017

We are searching POLISH or Person living in Poland who has residance permit to do EVS in Georgia, Gori in organization Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi. The duration of the project predicted is for 12 months, for 2 volunteers.

About the Hosting Organization

The Public Union Bridge of Friendship “Kartlosi” (“Kartl”- means “Georgian” and “Osi”-means “Ossetian”) was founded on May, 12, 2006 by the initiative of youth from the village Pkhvenisi. The village is located in Gori Region, 5 km from Tskhinvali. Since establishment the organization has carried out many events, charity actions, educational projects, cultural-athletic activities. These activities have significantly contributed to the mobilization of local communities and raise potential of civil activity on local level.In August 2008 members of the organization had to leave their village and stayed for two months in different compact settlements. They suffered themselves the whole stress of war but owing to the high level of self-organization they managed to provide assistance to other groups of population affected by war. Moreover, it was decided to establish coalition “For IDP rights” of NGOs in “exile” to provide more accurate and targeted assistance to Internally Displaced People.The mission of the organization is to support sustainable development of local communities in Shida Kartli Region and contribute to the peace process on the settlement of Tskhinval/i conflict and carry out a dialog between communities divided in the result of conflict. Our work is based upon the core values of peace, social justice, partnership, solidarity, cooperation, and innovation.Target groups of “Kartlosi” are:
1) Local population from Shida Kartli Region (with particular attention to youth 18-30, internally displaced people; people affected by war, minority groups; citizens who live in rural areas of the country)
2) Local initiative groups and non-governmental organizations
3) Local authorities

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy


1.Running English language classes for local youth,with the aim of supporting young people to develop their skills,such as the practical use of English,writing and speaking skills.This will also include running a movie and discussion clubs.this activities will be directed to local youth as well as for youngsters from centers provided by the Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi .

2.Implement activities in EuroClubs which aim is to promote other cultures,create european debates,implementing sessions of meeting about the EU and exchanging knowledge about it,start an essential debate about youth in United Europe and active citizenship

3.Organisational and administrative work including: networking with Georgian and international partners and building relationships with journalists,NGOs and civil society groups

4.Conduct educational events promoting peace,democracy,human rights,gender issue, mobilization of women and girlspaz2001

5. Time to prepare for the future events.
Volunteer will be responsible for interactive presentations,workshops,trainings for local youth(Cultural diversity, Democracy, Human rights issues, Sustainable development etc.). They will also organize cultural events. EVS volunteers present their country and talks about their people,values,traditions. Then Georgian students will present the country to the volunteer.IIt will be interconnecting and cultural event,where we will share our values and views to each other

6. Fundraising activities such as international applications and marketing activities and Development of Kartlosi’s online presence,including an online news portal,training for web content management and online journalism(such as writing feature stories and articles for a blog)

7.”More about photography”
Young local people who love taking pictures will be involved in this project.There will be chosen different locations where volunteers will go with group of students.On the location volunteer will share their knowledge about photography and they will take pictures of landscape. At the end of the project exhibition will be held

8.Modern literature club
Club will be created for students who love reading and want to improve their writing skills.The book will be chosen by students for each month. At the end of the month they will have discussion session and prepare short book review

9. Disseminate the findings of the research in such a way that will help to develop local,regional and international networks and partnerships and facilitate RO work in peace building and social development in the local community and to promote and enhance the understanding of peace building and conflict resolution.

10. peace-building-1 In region, where Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi works there are Internally displaced people from Tskinvali, South Ossetian region, who now live in Gori. The volunteers will implement youth clubs in this area and youth will be involved in the activities ,such as language clubs,educational and entertainment event and etc.
– Organize training programmes,workshops in order to develop and improve professional skills that could assist them in future career.The aim is to achieve computer and languages literacy,communication and negotiation skills,CV writing and job interview assistance

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Volunteers Profile
We strongly believe that all the young people who are willing to collaborate and have a desire for learning, can realize any kind of program. The only requirement is to be a creative, positive and flexible person, willing to cooperate, also to respect and adapt to local community and its habits. What is important in this field of volunteering and active citizenship is the effort of both organizations in including young people who are really motivated and want to live the experience of evs as part of a long term learning process.

Today, the definition of the profile of a potential evs volunteer is a delicate issue because E+ promoted so much the opportunities to go abroad that the organizations involved have to take care in giving the useful information and tailor the projects on the priority needs for the actual generation. The best candidates are people willing to work with youth. The participants will be young people unemployed, notably who come from small communities and disadvantaged background. This kind of volunteer is actually

Cv and motivation letter in English please send to natalia.podbielska@frsp.eu not later than 23rd of August 2017. In the topic of the messsage please write: “Długoterminowy EVS w Gruzji, Youth mobilization in rural areas”.

More info:

The program aims to promote a tolerance, pluralism, and respect, exchange best practices, experiences of multicultural societies and encourage intercultural learning.The EVS in Georgia offers the participants and the local community an opportunity to become familiar with different countries’ inter-ethnic coexistence,make valuable contacts,exchange useful examples.

The volunteer will share a flat with other EVS volunteers on placement with “Kartlosi”.The flat will have all the necessary conditions to ensure a dignified, comfortable living space for the volunteers.The volunteer will be informed about the conditions of his accommodation as well as the environment and the location of the flat.They will be informed about any rules and regulations associated with the accommodation.

Food and Pocket moneycity-78-5383
The young volunteers are responsible for making a cooking schedule at home. It will be the responsibility of the volunteers to prepare/buy meals for themselves. The volunteers can go to cafes, bars and restaurants in the town or buy food in the shops and supermarkets and prepare it. The RO asks them to provide a list of the (regular) goods they need each time for cooking at home, so they can supply them with. The hosting place is equipped with the necessary appliances to prepare their meals. The volunteers will get money for food and pocket money at the beginning of each month.

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