EVS vacancy in Greece

WAVES: We Are Volos’ EvS

Location: Volos, Greece

Period: 01/02/2018-  31/01/2019

Deadline: 17 September 2017

WAVES: We Are Volos’ EvS is a full-time voluntary service that will run within the framework of KA 1 of Erasmus+ 2014-20. It will be coordinated by KEKPA-DIEK, the Municipal Enterprise of Social Protection and Solidarity-Municipal Institute of Vocational Training, of the Municipality of Volos in central Greece, which will be also the host organization and will be realised in the city of Volos.

About the Hosting Organization

KEKPA-DIEK will offer activities for the volunteers aiming at the acquaintance with disability, social exclusion and diversity issues, and at the participation in activities for the social integration or reintegration and the vocational rehabilitation of persons and groups from vulnerable social categories in the various structures of KEKPA-DIEK (structures for adults and/or children with disabilities, Romas, children, the elderly, immigrants, etc.). The service will provide the candidate volunteers with: accommodation, food, insurance, monthly allowance, on-line language training, support and mentoring provided by the host organization

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

Everyday occupation in one of the selected centres-structures of KEKPA-DIEK and work with children 6-12, children with disabilities, people with disabilities, Romas, elderly, etc. Provide voluntary work in the main activities of these centres together with our professionals

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Send an email with your motivation letter and CV to EVS coordinator: Ms Lelia Choremi, email: evs_kekpadiek@hotmail.com (tel. 0030 24210 35555)

KEKPA-DIEK as a municipal enterprise with almost 200 and more employees and with a variety of centres and structures can be a good opportunity for a volunteer in his/her period of deciding a professional route, or of improving skills and knowledge, or of scheduling or re-scheduling an occupational plan, etc. KEKPA-DIEKs beneficiaries cover a range from children and elderly to vulnerable groups. Professionals in KEKPA-DIEKs centres have a long-term experience in running interventions for the well-being of their beneficiaries, in coordinating activities, in cooperating at national and EU levels.

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