EVS vacancy in Poland

EVS for Refugees

Location: Czerwony Bor, Poland

Period: 28/08/2017 – 28/05/2018

Deadline: 23 August 2017

We are URGENTLY looking for one UE ONLY volunteer to work with refugees’ children in the kindergarten

About the Hosting Organization

The activities will take place in the Centre for Aliens applying for a refugee status or asylum seekers in Czerwony Bor, Poland. The town is located in Podlaskie region and is surrounded by the forests.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

Volunteers invited to the project will work daily in a kindergarten located in the Refugee Centre, where they will organize activities for young refugees according to their interests, but also activities and events involving older children and adults. These activities will be aimed at the development of free time for children, adolescents and adults staying at the Center as well as an attempt to integrate them into the Polish and international community. The centers do not offer alternative ways of spending time or multiple opportunities to involve refugees in active social life, so designed activities have the potential to complement and enhance this reality. In addition, volunteers will also visit Bialystok primary schools, high schools, high schools, and even higher education and specialist institutions, where they will conduct workshops on refugees, human rights, stereotypes, tolerance and other important social issues, as well as their countries of origin.

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Please send your cv and motivational letter to voluntary.info@gmail.com till 23.08.2017


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