EVS vacancy in Poland

Connection against exclusion

Location: Gdańsk, Poland

Period: 11/09/2017 – 20/07/2017

Deadline: 3 September 2017

PSONI in Gdańsk, Poland is looking for 6 volunteers from Erasmus+ Programme countries (especially Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Turkey) to support our beneficiaries with intellectual disabilities (children, youth and adults) in daily centers and leisure time, providing various activities e.g. English language course, art, music, theater, sport.
Gdańsk is one of the biggest cities in Poland, with a great nature, culture and student life. The Association is located by the sea. We don’t expect any knowledge nor experience, just motivation and enthusiasm!

About the Hosting Organization

PSONI (Polish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability) is a national, non-profit, parental organization, established in 1963, aimed on equalization of chances for persons with intellectual disabilities, creating opportunities leading them toward active participation in social life and supporting their families.
It has branches in most cities in Poland. The branch in Gdańsk, established in 1992, works for and represents a group of more than 3000 individuals with developmental disability since birth (children, teenagers and adults) and their families. In leveling many years of neglect and promoting an idea of full participation in the society for this group of people, it promotes basic human rights as comprised in The UN Convention of Rights of People with Disability.
It acts as well as a professional social services agency as a mutual support parental organization, by running many institutions:
• The Early Intervention Centre
• The Non-public Development Support Centre
• The Rehabilitation, Education and Care Centre
• The Non-public Vocational School
• The Occupational Therapy Workshops
• The Daytime Activity Centre
• The Sheltered Housing Facilities “Our Home”
• The Supported Employment Agency
• The Art gallery „Świętojańska”
• The Vita Activa Orchestra and additional projects.
Volunteers work in few institutions and they can choose where they want to work. After the arrival, all volunteers have a training period.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

1) Assisting morning activities in various centers: for children or adults with severe disabilities.
2) Taking part in artistic activities for persons with intellectual disabilities: music band Remont Pomp/ theater “Teatr Razem”/ classical music orchestra Vita Activa/ music school ECEKON/ art/ photography (according to volunteer’s skills)
3) Supporting one person with intellectual disability in one-to-one friendship program “Best Buddies”

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

Deadline for applications: 3.09.2017. Please send an e-mail (CV and Motivation Letter) in English to: psouu_jarek@op.pl

The call is for volunteers from Erasmus+ Programme countries only!

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