EVS vacancy in Poland

Workshops of Therapeutic Occupations

Location: Gdansk (Poland)

Period: 11/09/2017 – 11/08/2108

Deadline: 5 November 2017

Polish Association based in Gdansk working with people with intellectual disabilities is looking for an Spanish volunteer. Through the art, music, workshops, theater, therapies… the volunteer will take part in the activites for the the integration and the skill’s development.

About the Hosting Organization

The Polish Association for People with Intellectual Disabilities Branch in Gdansk is a local institution established by the parents of mentally disabled children. Our aims are focused on working for equaling chances of intellectual disabled people, creating conditions of obeying human rights in their surroundings, leading them towards active participation in social life and supporting their families.Our branch includes 200 members and takes care more than 1000 people through diverse forms of day activity. The association leads institutions designed for disabled persons in every age and with every level of handicap.

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One of them is the Workshops of Therapeutic Occupations (WTZ) which offers pedagogic and therapeutic proposal of work, support, activity and systematic inclusion in social life. The main purpose of SDS is to ensure them the chance to live actively.The sphere of activity of SDS is orientated towards keeping fit, maintaining psychical, intellectual and functional efficiency, developing motor and psychomotor functions, improving the capacity to establish and preserve interpersonal relations, communicating through verbal and alternative ways, getting the ability to function in everyday life better.
The next institution is Rehabilitation-Education-Upbringing. It is specialist unpublic education institution, where children and youth with deepen intellectual disability and multiple disabilities, 80 students from 6 to 25 years old, realize their compulsory education duty supported with rehabilitation and caring activities. The superior aim of the activities done by the specialist in OREW comprehensive progress of students supported by integral education, developing skills, upbringing, rehabilitation and therapy.
Supported living is the next initiative of our association. The idea of this institution is creating an independent place of living where the intellectually disabled person can feel free individually decide about his or her life and keep the household. Between 4 pm and 10 pm there are there supports available for the inhabitants, and there is one carer on call at night.Within the association there also works a drum and contemporary music band called “The Pomp Renovation” (“Remot Pomp”) . It includes the musicians / social workers as well as people with intellectual disabilities. Participation in the music workshop is a way of continuous skill’s development and favours discovering new areas of opportunities being basis for forming music capacities and social interactions. The band plays authorial compositions deriving inspiration from African music but also we are searching new ways of expressions (sounds from the table or “trash” instruments).
Furthermore, the volunteers and disabled people take part in theatre Razem workshop. This workshop is aimed at integration of the group through creating a performance which will have presented at cultural events called Festival Akcept, “The Summer of the People” (“Lato Ludzi”) and FETA festival. Within the association there also works a Vita Activa Orchestra that plays classic and popular music. It includes the musicians / social workers, volunteers from the association as well as people with intellectual disabilities. Participation in the music workshop is a way of continuous skill’s development.
Vita Activa Orchestra also provide school for people with intellectual disabilities where professional teachers and volunteers work with them.Our another initiative is “Big Brother – Big Sister” Program. Idea of this program is to create couple of friends “sister or brother” that’s meets once in a week with his intellectually disabled friend. Idea is to create social, friend relationship between volunteer and disabled person. All of these institutions and projects are led by professionals, some of them are supported by volunteers.
The EVS project concerns all of the above-mentioned establishments and actions.The task of the voluntary workers – taking their individual skills into consideration – will be supporting those initiatives and constituting new ones. We wish to create appropriate conditions that would allow to appreciate the potential of each volunteer and to build relations between participants based on mutual trust and respect. We wish to host 8 volunteers at the same time to create international environment.

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