EVS vacancy in Montenegro

Location: Podgorica, Montenegro

Period: 10/01/2018 – 10/07/2018

Deadline: 15 September 2017

Youth centre Don Bosko is looking for 2 volunteers who will help us to organize and implement fun and educational activities for children and young adults between 7 and 18 yrs. EVS volunteer in our Center will participate in many activities organized throughout entire year, such as educational and creative workshops (discussing different topics, sharing opinions, making crafts), personal tutoring (learning assistance), socializing in the play-room area (making new friendships), sports activities (to stimulate physical growth, to develop healthy habits), activities in nature (camping, work actions, excursions), international exchanges (sharing experiences with colleagues from abroad), winter and summer oratories (workshops during school breaks).

About the Hosting Organization

Youth Center Don Bosko brings together a large number of children and young people. The main goal is to teach children to spend their free time in a quality way, instead of wasting it on streets. We act in a preventive way in order to avoid risky behavior of young adults. We try to organize their free time though games, sports, workshops, trips and meetings. Our target group are primarily socially vulnerable children and young adults who come from less developed areas. Through educational and creative workshops we teach them how to develop their talents and potentials. Through this non-formal way of learning they improve existing and acquire new knowledge.

Volunteer's Tasks 2 FindEVS Vacancy

Our activities have both educational and upbringing factor for children and young people from 7 – 18 years. They are mainly realized by our animators, who prepare and implement projects with the help of the main mentor, who is very experienced with youth work, especially with children who are socially vulnerable.
EVS volunteer will mainly work with children and youngsters and organize activities to fulfill their free time. Volunteer would be involved in all stages starting from planning and preparation of the activities, through their organization and implementation, to the final evaluation. Volunteer will also have the freedom to express talents and potentials, and to enrich our programs by adding own ideas and creating something new to offer to our final users.
Through entire service volunteer will be supported by the persons in charge of the project. We will constantly follow his/her work and be at his/her disposal for any questions or help needed.
We always support volunteer’s creativity and initiative. We will discuss with the volunteer about our projects and listen to his/her suggestions and ways to improve it.
We are very open for new ideas and projects, and we will give a possibility to every volunteer to develop something on his/her own.
Volunteer will work 30 hrs per week. Weekends will be free.

Application Process 2 Find EVS Vacancy

We would like to host volunteers from 18 – 30 years old who are highly motivated to work with children and youth. It should be an enthusiastic young person ready to learn and to share knowledge and able to adjust to live and work in an unknown environment. Also, volunteer should be open towards people of different religion, because our Center works in an multicultural environment. We are looking for a skillful person when it comes to work with children and youth, creative and determinate person with strong will. We will give advantage to those who have already worked on similar youth projects. Interested candidates are invited to send their CV and motivation letter to: volonteri.dbc@gmail.com. Also, for any further information they can contact us via e-mail.

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