EVS Project “BIG – Bulgarian Inclusive Garden”
Host organization: Volunteer Service of Educational and Social Inclusion
Number of volunteers to be hosted: 2
Place: Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Duration: 10 months
Deadline: 20 March 2018
Activity dates: 01/04/2018 – 31/01/2019

project description
The main objective of the project “Bulgarian Inclusive Garden!” /BIG/ is to create opportunities for inclusion of young people with special educational needs and EVS volunteers in activities to support their future realization by encouraging educational and social activities in the local community of Stara Zagora through the promotion of organic farming, and to provide capacity building for practicing organic farming and the formation of positive attitudes and skills for practicing organic farming by young people with and without special educational needs in Stara Zagora. The main topics of this project are inclusion and equal opportunities for education, formation of ecological culture and development of intercultural dialogue with EVS volunteers as a main tool to ensure sustainable development models not only in the local community, but also within the European area. Within the project, activities in the school environment and practical activities for students in organic
farming will be carried out, combined with joint public initiatives in the local community.
The project activities are devoted to the development of the potential of the children and young people involved in the project and their future training for independent life and realization: 1) implementation of non-formal education and training in support of children with special educational needs in the school environment 2) promotion of organic farming as a form of extra-curricular activity, which assists these children and young people to realize new perspective and horizon for their future, 3) intercultural dialogue and exchange of good practices, 4) creating an interactive blog and informational materials for biological agriculture and environmental culture.
accommodation, food and transport arrangements.

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The two volunteers will live together in a fully-furnished flat, located in the town of Stara Zagora. Each volunteer will have the necessary living conditions and space. They will share a kitchen and bathroom. The utilities (electricity and water) will be covered.
Volunteers will receive food allowance and pocket money at the beginning of each month paid in cash in the local currency Bulgarian leva.
Transport costs to and from Bulgaria are covered according to the Distance calculator in the Erasmus+ program. Local transport to and from work will be covered as the volunteers will collect the tickets from the bus rides and will present them at the end of each month for reimbursement.

training during the project
The volunteers will take part in the usual EVS trainings organized by the Bulgarian National Agency: On-Arrival and Mid-Term Trainings.
Orientation training on arrival in Stara Zagora – getting around the town, basics of work with children with special needs.
Once a week, a Language course of Bulgarian language for foreigners. Learning materials, CDs, textbooks, etc. will be provided.

volunteer profile
For the purposes of the project, our organization will host 2 volunteers from Programme countries – young people between 18 and 30 years old with attitudes for working with pupils with special educational needs, regardless of their gender, religion and ethnicity. We plan to host a volunteer with special needs – learning difficulties and / or visual and / or other disability.
how to apply
Please, send in your CV and Motivation letter to
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for Skype interview.